February 28th, 2008

Dear God...


I'm having the hardest time finding information on this.

Childbirthing and delivery practices in the Middle East: Are husbands and other family-tied males (let's say sons, lol) generally allowed to be present when the wife is giving birth? Or is this frowned upon/taboo-ish, in a way? My character is having her baby in the household; usually these are delivered by female relatives or maybe a trained birth attendant. How weird would it be to have the father deliver the baby?

Thanks for the help!!

"Resurrected" characters

I'm looking for names of fictional characters that came back from the dead, either literally or metaphorically. These characters need to be in the public domain (no Doctor Who) and have only one name (no Dr. Alexandre Manette or Sherlock Holmes).

Right now I'm leaning towards Hermione of A Winter's Tale, but if you guys could help me that would be great.

Googled: various combinations of fictional, resurrection/resurrected, character, Hermione, Manette, Lazarus, Jesus. Wikipedia categories on fictional resurrects have been deleted.

Edited to bold things.

Edit the second: no mythology, please - I need the name for a specific purpose in my story having to do with authors.
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Strangulation! Treatment and Sideaffects!

Hey all, need some quick medical info.

Okay, so here's the situation. Caucasion, about 38ish in okay condition. Is attacked and there's an attempt at strangulation from behind. They have a doctor with them with a fully packed first aid kit. They are in the wilderness in a cabin. Access to fresh water, food, shelter, fire.

What would be his symptoms post attact and treatment? 

I'm also looking for a drug that works as a painkiller, antiflamatory and a mild sedative. This guy is allergic to citrus and bees. Suffers from hypertension.