February 25th, 2008

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Show Jumping/ Equestrian competitions/Horse veterinarian

Okay, I'm writing a story (duh), and it's about a horse vet and a Grand Prix level rider.

So, it starts kind of like this:

The vet came to watch one of his clients compete on request as the horse had been having some problems that are rather irrevelant. Anyways. it's a Grand Prix level competition, and the problem is this. I can find a bunch of stuff on what it is, the necessary qualifications, etc, but I can't find anything on HOW things are actually run. I mean, what do the riders do when they arrive? do they bring more than one horse? Can they do that, as in have one horse for dressage and jumping while another one for cross country? Where/how do they check in and what about the horses, where to they stay? Where do they warm up? How do the riders actually interact with each other? What kind of moves in dressage would be something that makes people go whoa? Which competitions are the Paganini of equestrian competition (that is to say, the "prestigious" ones)? There's all these technical stuff and that's not really what I'm looking for...

Another thing. What I want for to happen in the story is...as I was saying before...the vet came with one of his clients and is watching others warm up or something when he spots another rider warming up and realizes that something's wrong with that other person's hose. I want this something to be something that seems very miniscule and something that most people wouldn't notice but turns out to be quite a serious problem. I don't know, the beginnings of a bad ligament inflammation or something along those lines.

Help anyone?

P.S. any information would be amazing. links too. long personal inputs would be loved forever!

Thank you for your replies!
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Military Punishment such as KP duty. EXTENDED!

Hey everyone, this is the first time I've used this source so here goes. I need a military punishment that's real minor in the Air Force. Just something a CO would make you do if you piss them off enough. I'm thinking something along the lines of inventory and such, nothing to do with cleaning, just tidious work you'd normally leave to enlisted men. I need the military terms. Thank you for your help!


Sorry, it looks like I need to be more specific. Okay, a Lt. Colonel in the United States Air Force was sent on a mission to negotiate a peaceful enchange of goods, this is a Sci-Fi show, they are forming a colony on another galaxy, but military ranking still applies. Though it's more laid back. And this is more of a crack punishment because for the last two planets they've gone, they been practically shot at of the planet. So the CO is kinda annoyed and wants to have some incentive for that not to happend again, so she makes him . . . like I said, something tidious, that will annoy more than really punish. And yes, in this show, it's kinda par with the course. So again, nothing too serious. Kinda like having someone scrub toilets with a toothbrush. Or count every grain of rice. 

Ninth Doctor

Being Discharged from a Hospital, and Requesting Specific Doctors

Time: Present Day
Place: USA, Hospital

A patient is being treated at a hospital with a serious yet unidentifiable ailment. The doctors have not discharged the patient, but the patient wants to leave. What are the conditions for the doctors keeping the patient against their will? Got it, thanks!!

If the patient can't leave, then he'll instead call in a specific doctor -- a well-known foreign doctor (which may or may not anger the current diagnostician working on the case *cough*) Would the foreign doctor be permitted to use the hospital's facilities in treating the patient?

Thank you!! ^_^

Hemp clothing

Textile experts? Hemp clothing owners? I'm looking for information about hemp fabric used for clothing, specifically in Edo period Japan, but obviously I can extrapolate from more modern textiles.

I've fingered hemp clothing at street fairs a few times but never owned any. What's it like to wear? Much different from linen of the same weight? Does it wrinkle like linen? Does it absorb moisture quickly, such as when the wearer sweats or goes out in the rain? When it's damp or wet, how does its texture change? How quickly does it dry? Anything you've observed with your own hemp clothing would be useful, though I think that the garment concerned in the story (a man's kimono) would logically be a medium weight and a reasonably smooth weave, and probably lined rather than single-layer, as it's being worn on its own.

I've been googling hemp fabric/textiles, hemp fiber characteristics, Japanese hemp fabric. I get a lot of pro-hemp sites that claim it's the ultimate fiber for every use, which tends to downplay any disadvantages it may have as clothing. :) Obviously there's a political dimension to take with a grain of salt!

Most general sources on traditional Japanese clothing and textiles seem to concentrate on silk and cotton and give hemp only a quick mention. I'm also running across a contradiction: some of the sources I've found claim that in the feudal era hemp was just cheap, coarse home-grown stuff for peasants and that cotton was more expensive and exotic, others claim hemp was more expensive than cotton because of the labor involved in extracting the fiber. Possibly they're simply confusing different grades of textiles, but I'm not sure. Can you clear that up for me, or can you point me to particular books or other sources?

Thank you for any information you can give me!