February 24th, 2008

Meaningful relationships that start as meaningless sex.

Anyone want to direct me to a personal experience or work of fiction?

I have a pairing who are careening into being "bedbuddies" (who are in denial about how serious the thing really is; everyone around them can see they're crazy about each other).

The whole "meaningless sex that becomes meaningful" is so outside of my own experience and my own previous writing/reading that I am not even sure how I'd approach this.
Ruthanne Reid

Military Commands

I adore this community! Hopefully, you can help me with a slightly obscure point.

Does anyone know what military command would be equivalent to "stand down" in the UK? Specifically in Scotland? I've tried searching all kinds of "military terms," etc., and the best I've managed to find is a Wikipedia article with American terms, but that doesn't really help me. :)

The situation, if it helps, is a group of soldiers in modern days with spears pointed at my main character; their superior officer tells them to stop doing that - i.e., spear butts back on the ground, return to staring ahead at nothing with their backs straight.

I hope someone can help me with this!