February 22nd, 2008

Sandra Bullock

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Time: late 1980's, early 1990's.
Place: US
Setting: HP universe
Already Searched: wrongdiagnosis and the tagged entries in this community.

I need a fatal disease for a man in his early 30's. So said man was prior in top condition and not anywhere near any magical settings, and hasn't been for a long time. I'd like his disease to be slowly progressing, with sudden bouts where it gets worse. (Such as gasping for breath, and suddenly collapsing and such?)

Am considering aids, and cancer. CF would be out of the question as it seems to be hereditary disease. Have dismissed Lupus, as well.(Because as we all know, mostly everyone in the HP universe are related to each other.) Wouldn't want anything super-contagious either, since I want him to be able to interact with other people without fear of infecting them. I want him to be able to do things, as well, such as driving a motorcycle, so no real motor function loss.

I'm pretty well aware that the HP universe gives a lot of leeway of the disease progressing into a rarer, magical variant, but to do even that, I need something to start with.

Concerning the growth of grass

Hello- this is my first post here. I checked the tags before-hand, so I think I'm okay.

Setting: Japan in the 1600's, though I'm not sure it matters.
Search terms: I've searched for grass, growth of grass, grass hardiness, and other variations thereof. All the sites I found about grass simply gave instructions about how to plant and cultivate grass. Wikipedia was no help either.

My question is this- how long would it take for a dirt footpath to grow over with grass? My plot has something to do with time travel, and assumes that a path would have to be be decently hidden from view after fifty years or so. If anyone could help me out, or at least point me towards a helpful site, that would be great.

Edit: I believe I have a sufficient answer- thank you all so much for your help!


Adultery and penance

What kind of penance would a Catholic get for an adulterous one-night stand?

It's in the present day, so stoning is out. There's no possibility of an illegitimate child, so no need to factor in that complication. And he's male, which I'm sure still makes a big difference in conservative churches (which his is).

Assuming he regrets it (is truly sorry, has no intention of doing it again, etcetera), and that his wife has forgiven him, what sort of thing would the priest to tell him to do to make it up to God?

Gunshot wound to ribs

Okay, so I've done some research and while I've found some things, I'm still not very comfortable in adding it to my story right now. So here's the situation:

40-year-old man shot from the back, impacting somehwere around the rib cage and he is immidiately taken to the hospital. I obviousy don't want him to die, but I don't know what would be realistic. The most I've found was on hemothorax and such, but I know that a bullet would probably cause quite a bit of damage but... I don't know. 

If anyone has some ideas, that would be lovely. Thanks so much :)