February 20th, 2008

Popular formula one racing drivers in the late 1960ies?

Any people out there, who are experts in the field of motorsports?

The story is set in London, in 1969. One of my characters is a teenage boy, who is totally obsessed with motorsports and formula one racing, and I have to find out who would most likely be his idol? (Apparently, in the early sixties a guy named Jimmy Clark was incredibly popular, but the was killed in 1968, so I guess it's unlikely, that he's still the declared hero of this boy.)

I already googled and found a lot of statistics, but I'm not sure if the most successful sport stars are always the most popular, too. 

Any help would be highly appreciated!

edit: fixed the misspelling of Jimmy Clark's name and his year of death. Sorry. 

edit²: mystery solved I guess, thank you so much for the input!