February 19th, 2008

Teller of tales

"universally attractive" male celebrity

Setting: New York City, present day or a few years in the future.
Searches done: None; personal opinion/experience question

I have a handful of characters of varying genders and orientations having the "celebrities you'd go gay/straight for" conversation. I'd like my main character, a straight, white, middle-class male in his mid/late thirties, to make a suggestion that causes everyone else to respond with "Well, obviously him too." The character watches enough TV to be reasonably aware of current celebrities, but his knowledge is gonna be limited to American mainstream. It doesn't have to be a current celebrity, though, as long as it's someone he could reasonably be expected to know.

EDIT: And we have a winner! Even as vocal as the Depp contingent has been, I and the character have to go with the classics on this one: Clint Eastwood it is. Thanks to everyone for your answers; they may come in handy in another scene.

Obscure Disease?

I am writing a fanfiction for House MD, and unfortunately I have encountered a problem. In one of the scenes Dr. House is mocking a group of interns for not knowing/having heard of an ridiculously obscure and rare disease. Sadly, I know so little about medicine that I can't even say where the liver is located off-hand. I don't need more than a name of the disease, though a "category" would be nice (i.e. if it is a flesh-eating disease or a turning-your-lungs-to-stone disease or something like that). So, in short, my question is; What rare disease is it impossible for an intern to have heard of, unless they've been reading about obscure diseases on the side?
Thank you in advance.