February 18th, 2008

goose looks black.

rape and murder prison sentences in france

I thought this would be a lot more easier to find, but nothing I type in seems to work. My Google-Fu is weak.

What's the punishment in present-day Paris, France for child molestation/rape? I know sentences vary, so I'll say there are at least five victims.

Alternatively, what's the punishment for murder? One victim.

And can someone from the United States send a letter to someone in a French prison?
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Broomfield or Broomfields?

I'm writing an AU HP fic that is supposed to be set in a small town in England. Once I found the place I needed my fic to be set, I started trying to do some research about the town, and I have hit a snag.

I've only really found two sites so far that give me any sort of information about the place, and while one - a site that lists various hauntings (I needed a ghost, heh) - calls it Broomfield, the other - Wikipedia - calls it Broomfields. I've checked, and both sources say this particular town is located in Shropshire, so I know they aren't just referencing two different towns. (Unless there really is a Broomfield and a Broomfields in Shropshire, in which case I must say that that is very unfortunate.)

So what I need to know, dear detailers, is which one is located in Shropshire, England: Broomfield or Broomfields?

Also, if you could give me any information about the town, that would be fantastic. I haven't been able to find much of anything online, just real estate info and B&B accomodations (not that I'm surprised since it's supposed to be a very small town) and while I could just make it up, I'd prefer to have at least some facts. Anything you could give me - what it looks like, population, any landmarks - would be a big help.
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Looking for a quote.

This is driving me nuts (and possibly not for this community), but I'm looking for a John Milton quote that goes something like: "long is the journey up out of darkness, into the light" and I've googled until my googler is sore. Can't even tell you which part of the Divine Comedy it is, since the damn thing eludes me. Can someone help?

Edited to say: Yes, yes, even I know. I've had a nine-year-old in my hair since 4 PM, and cannot get one train of thought going. Pretty sure it's Milton.


EDITED A 2ND TIME to say, got it, thanks!!!
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