February 12th, 2008

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Joan of Arc quote help

Help, my google-fu has failed me!

There is a famous Joan of Arc quote from her nullification trial-- "I am not afraid. I was born to do this." However, try as I might, I can't seem to find her exact words in the original French. I don't want a simple modern-day French translation... I'm looking for her exact words.

Thank you!

ETA: Got it! Thank you for your help!

Hair Growth Rates for someone with African heritage

I'm looking for approximate hair growth rates for a black man in his mid-thirties, specifically how long it might be two months after it was completely shaved.

Not that I think it matters, but this is set in modern times, in a fictional city similar in location and population to New York City.

I've tried googling 'hair growth rates' (apparently hair grows at 0.4 mm a day, but I went to a mostly minority school and so I know black people's hair grows considerably slower than white people's hair), 'hair growth rates' + black ('Hair Growth Pills for African-Americans!'), and 'hair growth rates' + African (ditto).

I've got what I need.  Thanks!
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Housing in Berlin in 1994

I'm looking for where a student going to university in Berlin in 1994 might live- he hasn't got much money, so it needs to be somewhere cheap.  It doesn't really matter where he's going to school, just anywhere in Berlin.  Were there any particular areas of the city that were popular for student housing?  Cheap blocks of flats or something similar, perhaps?   Also, how much might rent for such a place be?  The student in question is British, if that makes any difference, but he does speak fluent German.

I've tried Googling 'Berlin housing cheap,' 'Berlin student housing,' 'Berlin housing 1994' and any number of combinations thereof, and have thus far got nothing. 

Gastric feeding tube in infants

Nurses! I need a medical condition (vague such as swallowing problems should be fine) to explain why an otherwise mostly healthy two-week-old would need a G-tube. I might settle for NG but I'd really prefer for it to be gastric.

Money is also an issue for the parents-- would a g-tube be less expensive than a corrective surgery? Would a g-tube be used in a child that they suspected would outgrow the problems in a year or two with proper nourishing?