February 10th, 2008

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Military Radio Transmissions

My current story is set in the middle of a war, which unfortunately for me means a great deal of military terminology I know almost nothing about. You'll probably see me popping up with questions related to this a few times before I'm done.

The military in this story is from a fictional country in a fictional world, but seems to me to have several parallels to say...the modern American military, though not as technologically advanced. So while I'm sure I could get away with winging it, I'd like be as accurate as possible.

My question is this:

An officer is bringing two important individuals to an outpost near the front. When they're about fifteen minutes away, he radios ahead to let them know that they're almost there. Who would be on the other end to pick up? What would the conversation be like? Would it make a difference if he was familiar with the person on the other end?

I googled things like: Military radio, military radio transmissions, military radio protocol, and while I found a few interesting tidbits, I couldn't find an answer to my question.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! ^^
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Spirits/Ghosts/Faries in Malaysia

Kind of a long shot, but...

A few years ago, I was on an island in Malaysia, going on a hike through a forest, and smelled a flower (or some other sort of plant material). I didn't see the flower, but I could definitely smell it, as could my parents. It was sweet smelling, what my mother termed "wangi" in Malay. At any rate, we asked the guide what it was, and he wouldn't talk about it. When we got out of the forest onto the beach, he basically said that it had to do with spirts/ghosts/fairies (I don't remember which one), and not to talk about it. So my question is this, what exactly was he referring to in folklore? A certain type of ghost? A certain type of fairy? Is there somewhere I could read more about this? I've Googled variations on "wangi, ghost/fairy/spirit" and "sweet smelling, ghost/fairy/spirit" as well as read most of the Wikipedia articles relating to Malysian folklore. Anyone know what I'm looking for? Thanks.

Anthropomorphic reptile diet

I've been dwelling on that subject for a while now and I was wondering if perhaps other reptile owners would like to share their ideas with me. The character I've created is an alien, but basically an athropomorphic reptile. Bit of a mix between a lizard and a turtle. I was wondering, if this character lived in our time and society, what kind of a diet would he have?

I know that reptiles feed on insects, small animals, berries, leaves, vegetables etc. All sorts of things. I own a tortoise and he's a herbivore, so that's not very helpful, but I know what carnivore reptiles eat, too, of course. However, how would this translate into our world? I can't imagine an anthro lizard popping open a container of crickets and munching away. What kind of food stuffs do you think would be appropriate and healthy for an anthro lizard? What kinds of foods should he definitely avoid, what should he eat a lot of (and be told by his parents to do so)? And what would he be fed as a baby?

Ideas anyone? Thanks!

Edit: I should add that we're talking about one individual here. So it's not like there are large quantities of aliens on earth now. It's rather a single one that has to find a sufficient and acceptable food source here on earth. Also, it should be somewhat socially acceptable for other humans. Of course he could sit at the table and bite off a live rat's head, but I doubt the other humans present would be so keen on watching that.
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hospital waste related


This is a long shot and quite probably very much OT but I am in need of the specifications of a waste house for dangerous waste from a hospital. (You know the place where things like needles and bloody gases from all over the hospital wait for recollection.)  I know a few things like its walls need to be painted on water resistant paint and that the floor needs to be non on level but with an angle towards a drain. But I seem to be unable to find something like blueprints or a list like one gives to an architect.


So, if anyone has info on this, I will very much thank you for it.


(hospital  waste architectural blueprints, hospital waste house, hospital blueprints, blueprints waste management, hospital blueprints waste management)


X posted.

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Gay clubs in or near Cardiff, Wales

I tried googling for this and I can find several gay clubs in the area which is great. But what I really need to know is what are they like inside? I'm not looking for every fandom cliche gay club where men are having sex at their tables, but I am looking for a realistic place where two men could get... well, pretty friendly without causing a scene.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Gay in the 60's

I'm looking for info on what it was like to be gay (openly or not) in Britain in the 60's. What gay slang was used? How did gay men meet? What gay literature existed? What was life generally like? My character is in his early thirties and closeted.

I've googled: 'homosexuality in the 60's', and 'gay in the 60's'