February 7th, 2008

Black Kitty

Latin - "memory lost" - Memoria Excido?

I've tried using online Latin dictionaries, but without a knowledge of Latin sentence structure, I'm really quite lost.
I'm looking for a translation of "memory lost" or "lost memory".  Of the different nouns for memory, I've chosen Memoria as the most appropriate - but for 'lost' the best I could find is Excido - but I'm not certain if it's appropriate.  Can anyone help? 
  • deird1

Language Translation

One of my characters screams "Not the children!" in a foreign language.

It can be pretty much any language except english. Any suggestions?  

ETA: The screaming character is a crazy girl who's about to stab someone.  He's just arrived on the scene, and has no idea why she's yelling at him.
Buffy Cookies

Vodka + LSD?

On a first note, I appreciate everyone's assistance on my Latin question. It was majorly helpful.

My second question is for the same book, but nowhere near the same subject.

What happens if you put LSD in vodka and drink it? Do the chemicals have any adverse/changing effect on each other, does it make the high different, etc?

I guess I'm asking specifically because I would think that drinking alcohol with drugs in it is a bit different than having a shot and then later taking drugs.

I've googled various combinations of alcohol and drug effects when done together, but mostly ended up with lists that various addicts had done over their lives. Any help or speculation would be appreciated.