February 3rd, 2008

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Huron 'Feast of the Dead'

Searches done: Huron, Feast of the Dead, Wyandot - online and in several print references

In the 'dispersal' era of Huron history, after being driven out of 'Huronia' by the Iroquois around 1850 1650 [major typo on my part, sorry], did the Huron (either near Detroit or Montreal) continue to observe the "Feast of the Dead" ritual as a group? If so, what were the approximate dates of the ritual (previously held once every 8-12 years) around 1755-1765?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kev Noir

Apartments, Houses, Mansions...?

Scene: New York, 1940's, Genre: crime fiction.

One for all you New Yorkers:

One or two of the key scenes in my novel take place in mansions, and two of my heroes (both detectives) own houses. As far as I can tell, Manhattan is wall-to-wall apartment buildings, but what suburbs or boroughs of NYC would have had houses as opposed to apartments? Also, what parts of NYC would there have been mansions, or would I be better off re-setting the mansion action in one of the edge cities just outside the Big Apple?

Reasonable Ages for 11 PhDs

So there's a character with 11 PhDs in the hard sciences (That's all that's specified; presumably he's got a couple of those in engineering, considering his job). It's 1968 in the USA, and he's a Texan who got both scholarships and did roughneck work to pay for them. He is definitely a genius (Teleporters? Smart guns that can tell the difference between enemies? Hell, I don't even want to try to out how Dispensers work), and very much a busy beaver type. He started college at a normal age, however.

He also looks like this: Collapse )

How old would he be, reasonably speaking? Lower end, upper end?

Edit: Guys, guys. This guy's actually a canon character. If he was my OC, I'd definitely swing his age a little more upward, believe me. I'm sorry if there was any terrible confusion.

Here have a video.

Edit2: You guys are really smart and helpful. (I mean it, too.) Considering the sheer over-the-top of the setting and characters (Team Fortress 2: Where a man can rocket jump and invincibility comes in 10 second bursts), I'm going to just revel in the fact that there is no real sensible reason for anyone to have 11 PhDs, keep age ambiguous (but in a generally halfway sensible range), and laugh nervously when pressed.

Thanks, little_details. :D

Methods Of Torture

Searches: torture, methods of torture, etc.

I have a character that is both entirely immune to pain and very quick healing (fantasy-based, of course). She ends up in a position where she has to prove her abilities and is subject to a gauntlet of different tortures. I'm having issues coming up with a long list.

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