February 1st, 2008

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Los Angeles County public transportation, address searches

All right guys, I've done the relevant Wikipedia research for the first question (I looked up articles about public transport in LA County and information about the Metro specifically because it seemed the most likely), but it's fairly subjective.  For the second I've done some Google fu, search strings being various permuations of +address +search (with or without "2001") -"reverse lookup", but am coming up with nothing.  I would gladly take suggestions on search strings if nothing else.  I never had to consider these questions as a kid so am curious as to what l_d has to say.

1) How easily accessible / commonly used is the Metro in Los Angeles?

2) How easy/possible was it to get a public figure's home address in 2001/2002?  I really have no idea where to even start with this.

Legal Question.

A question for the legally inclined among you:

16-year-old minor M¹ is disowned and forced from the house (into a raging thunderstorm) by asshat parent P¹. Other parent P² is absent, divorced from P¹ and living outside the country. M¹ flees to home of relative R¹, who takes M¹ in and assumes duties of guardianship.

How would R¹ go about assuming the legal status of guardian, and what might the legal consequences be for P¹'s asshattery?

*EDIT* Note that this is purely research for a work of fiction set in a contemporary or near-future USA. (sorry for that little omission.)

Personal experiences of insect-based cuisine

Setting is a sci-fi/fantasyish world that includes, among other fun things, fly-like insects that are approximately the size of housecats. One culture hunts and eats these insects as their main source of protein. A character from another culture is adopted into the community, and is basically eating roast bug for the first time in her life.

Googling reveals a number of articles on insects as food, but I'm looking more for personal experiences of what insects actually taste like—and moreover, what's the texture like? Do they just absorb the flavour of whatever you cook them in? What's it like eating a bug for the first time if you didn't grow up eating them?

EDIT: You folks are so helpful! I can have varieties of buggish flavours.

Men, albinos, and body hair

I have two separate but related questions, for the day-to-day details of my male characters.

1) Does albinism affect the pattern of hair growth as well as its colour? If all of the men in one family are consistently hairy-chested, hairy-armed, etc., and one is born albino, is he likely to be as hairy as his brothers (but just in a different colour)?

What about the rate of hair growth? Does an albino have to shave or get haircuts more often or less often than a person with normal pigmentation, or is there no effect?

I've googled for combinations of terms like albinism, "amount of body hair", "hair growth" and variations thereof, but I just get general discussions on all the different genetic attributes of humans and other animals.

2) This isn't so much a research question as a personal experience survey question. Guys, how often do you shave your faces if you don't want to grow a beard or get overly stubbly? Or, how many days of not-shaving does it take you to get significant stubble? (Answers are also welcome from girls who live with guys and observe their hygiene habits.) I'm mainly interested in finding out how much variation there can be, especially with race/ethnicity and age. I could look up averages, but my characters don't need to be average -- I just want them within the range of possibility. (And I don't want to have them ranging around on quests for weeks at a time and never getting so much as a five-o'clock shadow!)

EDIT: Thanks, everyone -- this is very useful stuff!