January 31st, 2008


Attitudes about female chastity in Edo period Japan

A (hopefully) quick question: what were the historical attitudes toward female sexuality, most importantly their chastity before marriage and fidelity to their husbands, in the Edo period? (Also, how did these attitudes differ amongst different classes, if at all?)

My impression is that women were expected to remain virginal until marriage and have no affairs outside of marriage while their husbands were off cavorting with boys and other women, but we all know what happens when you assume. (Plus, it seems kind of odd to me that this attitude would exist in a setting where the more general attitudes about sex and sexuality were so open, relatively speaking.)

I tried poking around on wiki, but I couldn't find anything, and I didn't have the first clue of what to google.
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Amnesia and legal rights

Modern America
Unnamed city

Character suffering from amnesia has created a new life for himself with a new lover, name, friends and place to live.

He will never ever get the memories of who he used to be back and at this point he doesn't want those memories back. He's very happy with who he has become.

His family has been looking for him for almost a year and finally someone stumbles across him.

Can the family force him away from his new life? I'm assuming they could probably get a judge to sign off on a non-voluntary psychiatric and physical evaluation? (He still shows some signs of his brain injury and has problems putting words in the right order, dealing with intense interactions,etc. so the family could argue that he's being taken advantage of in his new situation).

What type of testing would he be subject to?

If he's deemed mentally competent, I assume he's responsible for the debts and assets of his former life, and under no obligation to deal with his old family, or would he be forced to do some sort of mandatory counseling?

I'm just looking for the range of plausible here, not necessarily the most probable of those possibilities.

EDIT: The family he has is parents and siblings. No wife or children.
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Hypothermia & Helicopter Crash in a Snowstorm

So I have a character, kind of like a delivery man on helicopter with emergency transportation and whatnot. After dropping off a doctor in a small town in Northern Canada, he's making his way back but runs into a snow storm and crashes. Obviously, the conditions of a snowstom aren't hard to secondguess, the guy falls unconscious after the crash. This is my first problem. I've looked up helicopter crashes and such, but if anyone has any firsthand experience of a plane crash (chopper crash would be EXCELLENT) and are willing to share, that would be nice. I'm guessing he hits his head on something (the controls maybe?).

Afterwards, a strange finds him and takes him back to his small/humble home (cliche, i know, i know) and I've looked up on different hypothermia treatment methods, but I'm wondering which is more effective and/or practical for this type of story, I've heard of just using bodyheat, I've heard moist and warm towels, I've heard warm baths.

I'm also wondering what kind of state the injured pilot would be in while he's coming out of unconsciousness and recovering, As in how coherent would his own thoughts and speech actually be? How would his body actually feel to him (severely aching or just numb or what, I don't know)

Any extra information that you think might help me would be fantastic

Thank you very much in advance!
Comforting Darkness
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Surviving a Fall

At what height does a fall become fatal, regardless of how you land, if you landed on solid ice?

The situation is that the character was in the mountains and fell into an underground cave. He lands on ice and escapes with getting the wind knocked out of him and a broken arm.

Google says that you can survive a fall from about any height, depending on your rate of descent, how you land, and what you do after you bounce.

The character in question also has a bit of supernatural power which would likely cushion some of the fall.

Is twenty feet too high or believable?