January 28th, 2008


Hospital Generators

Hey all, I come with two completely unrelated questions.

Right, here's the situation. I've just wiped out nearly the entire world's population with an artificial disease *thumbs up* and I have a group of survivors who have shacked up in a fictional hospital in north Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Seeing as I work with a civil contingencies officer and a guy who used to work in army emergency planning, I think I've pretty much hacked the details of mains power failing. But I'm not sure what to do with the back up generator. Here are the questions:

1) How long will it last for once it kicks in? I've been told a back up generator wouldn't last for any more than 24 hours without more fuel, is this correct? I've seen a few other figures batted around here and there.

2) What fuel would it use? I've got a few different results for fuel types but this is really not my field, and I'm not sure which would make life easier for me. Ideally I need something the survivors can loot from other places so they can have power supply when they need it.

3) If there is a suitable fuel it might use, where could it be found and how fast would it be used up?

4) Does the output depend on demand? If they switched off unneeded lights/machinery, would that make the power last longer, or does the generator just pump it out at a set rate regardless? I'm guessing output does depend on demand but I want to make sure I've got it right.

One of my characters is a mechanic (conveniantly) so I'm guessing he'll be able to figure this all out upon seeing the generator, so he'll be able to play around with it as required without killing himself. Is there anything else important to know about backup generators? Even with enough fuel, will it have a limited usage? Is it even safe to use on and off long term?

Looked on wiki about generators and types of fuel, also googled various combinations of backup generator fuel hospital etc. Help greatly appreciated! :B

EDIT: Whoops, forgot the time, sorry! The latter half of 2007
Dear God...

Crime and Punishment

Good evening, ladies and gents. :D I have a few questions for you all!

1) One of my characters is getting his license revoked (for drunk/reckless driving waaaaaaaay too many times). I don't drive or anything, so how exactly does this process work (in the United States; if you want to get specific, Denver, Colorado xD)? Do they take it away from you in court? Or do you have to give it to some official at the DMV or something? x___X

2) This one is for all the Arabic-speakers out there! My male character is telling his wife to shut up. How do you say "shut up" in Arabic? Moreso, he's not a very nice person, so how would you go about saying shut up in the most offensive, degrading way possible? Variations are fine. Transliterated into the English alphabet would be great; both Arabic and English calligraphy would be awesome. :D

3) Okay, here's the last quantum leap of the day. I've heard that Saudis are pretty relaxed when it comes to children. But say you've got this spoiled brat that just NEEDS to be punished. What are some forms of chastisements/discipline (especially corporal)? Or is it pretty much the same way as here in America (Oh Daddy, how you've spanked me so! ;___;)?

Thanks very much. You guys are awesome! x3