January 23rd, 2008

John Locke

Question about Russian Folklore

I'm helping a friend with some background research, and Russian folklore isn't a strong suit of mine. Has anyone ever heard of any kind of figure from Russian folklore who is involved in any way with prophecy, divination, telling the future, etc.? Whether it be a deity, a spirit, a folk hero, a villain, a monster, whatever. Even if it's just a figure who has only prophecied or told the future one time in a folk story or legend, it would probably work.

I've done a book search (Amazon, BN.com), a Google search, a Wikipedia search, and even a JSTOR search, and have come up with nothing so far.

flapjack joy

Botanical illustrations of poppies?

I've been googling the last couple of days trying to find botanical illustrations of poppies (opium poppies in particular) that show the root system.

A character of mine finds themselves in a large library with botanical texts all open at the same species of poppy and I'd like to be able to describe the illustrations in detail (this is important too). It's important that it is poppy, preferably opium poppies specifically but I imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to confuse the two.

I've googled various combinations of "poppy botany" "poppy botanical illustrations" "poppy illustration root system" all with "opium" added in there at some point too. I found poppy mallow roots, but I have no idea if they're the same thing at all.

I also had a quick search of my university library catalogue but I had no idea what I was looking for in terms of texts.

Any help or shoves in the right direction you could give are appreciated.
Thank you so much.
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