January 20th, 2008

Boothsville-Venice, Louisiana

Hey everyone,

I'm writing a realistic story that will end in the Boothsville-Venice, Louisiana area about twenty years in the future. It is a part of Plaquemines Parish, one of the hardest hit parishes involved in Hurricane Katrina.

It would be helpful if I could get some input on what the current situation in that area is (like the population and growth in visual terms. Are there a lot of houses being built, or are people tending to stay away in order to avoid another devastating hurricane? How are businesses there?) so that I can give a decent representation of what it might be like in the near future.

Thank you!

Possible alternate meaning to a kanji word

As the internet tells me, the Japanese word "義兄妹" means "sister-in-law". However, this makes absolutely no sense in context of the characters, as no siblings are mentioned or referred to at all for her to be married to. I've been searching for the past few days, Googling each kanji separately and in different combinations (y hallo thar complete lack of lingual comprehension!), and so far I've had no success at finding anything different.

The question: Can this word mean anything other than "sister-in-law"? Is there any other possible non-literal interpretation? ....Anything?

Someone told me that they thought maybe it could mean "foster sister", but they warned me that it was extremely unlikely (although that would make about a billion times more sense for the story). Is this possible?

If it helps, here's the complete sentence (and this is only sentence she's referred to in, sorry!):


The setting I would guess to be late 1700s or early 1800s England, although the narrative Japanese is modern-day.

Thank you!
jamie benn

reverse search, missing person police procedure

So. Modern America or maybe Vancouver Canada.

A medic at a free clinic for the homeless treats an injured John Doe who appears to have only been on the streets for a few months (judging by the roots on the highlights in his hair and the $200 jeans he's wearing).

A friend of the John Doe won't let the medic take his fingerprints, but the medic wants to find out who John Doe is and if he's been reported missing.

Can he just go to the police, say he's got an unknown and ask to see photos of (physical description) who went missing 1-4 months ago? How far away from the current city would a casual search pull up?

Anything special I should keep in mind?

John Doe is in his late 20s, early 30's. He's clearly not in sound mind, but not any more disoriented than half a dozen people that the medic sees on any one day.

The medic doesn't want to force the patient into anything, because they don't want people to be afraid of going to the clinic, and John Doe's street protector is someone the medic wants to keep on good terms with.

Is it possible for someone to just sort of say "I saw this guy and somebody has to be missing him" and get access to that database? Could a cop-friend look it up without being questioned or reprimanded for it?
made of awesome

Brain damage to order

I need some sort of disease or disorder. This is my criteria:

  • Causes mental retardation or severe developmental delays from birth.
  • Can be healed by rapid cell regeneration. You know, the superpower that Claire from Heroes or Wolverine has.
  • Wouldn't require the individual in question to use modern medical equipment to live, like a feeding tube.
  • Has some sort of genetic or environmental component because I want two brothers of different ages to have it.

It's the healing factor that is tripping me up. Genetic disorders are obviously out. I understand that encephalopathy can be caused by a variety of things, but I'm not clear on the details. I'd like for the brothers to have the same problem.

Googled: causes of mental retardation, encephalopathy, brain damage.
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Endearments and cursing in various languages.

I'm writing a story set (primarily) in modern-day London with a few elements of fantasy, but several of the characters are foreign, and most are multilingual; their profession is a sort of mix of researchers and secret agents, so they have to be able to communicate in a number of different places. Several of them habitually slip into languages other than English for endearments or to curse, though, and I looked around on translation sites but I really don't trust them, so I thought I'd try here.

In short, I need curse words and/or terms of endearment in any/all of the following languages: Irish Gaelic, Arabic, Romanian, Welsh, Russian, Croatian, Chinese (Mandarin), Greek. They're listed in order of importance, and sticking to the Roman alphabet renderings would be preferable.

If anyone knows a really good translation site (do they actually exist?) that I can go to for any of this in the future, that would also be lovely, but I'm not holding my breath.

EDIT: Thank you all very much! This was hugely helpful.