January 16th, 2008


Cop in Trouble?

Tricky question regarding a cop on the outs with his fellow officers: 

In my story, a once-good cop has fallen from grace with his family, himself and his precinct. After a series of traumas, his after-hours drinking and repressed violence get beyond his control. His family members start showing up to the emergency room with bruises and cuts. His wife suffers a suspicious broken arm. Our "hero" resists advice and psych counseling. Finally, when his seven-year-old daughter "winds up" with an equally-suspect  broken wrist, everyone's patience with the officer ends. He is kicked out of the house and shunned within his precinct.

Meanwhile, a vast storm (think Katrina) ravages a nearby state. The local infrastructure is destroyed. Many officers desert the force there and the remaining cops are overwhelmed. The governor puts out calls for volunteer help, especially from law enforcement personnel. Our "hero" is given an off-the-record choice by his captain: enter counseling, quit the force, get fired, or "volunteer" to go south and redeem himself by aiding the shattered police department there. 

Question: Is this plausible? I'm not sure it is. I don't know enough about law-enforcement procedures (formal and otherwise) to know. The out-of-control-cop part is authentic - I've seen it happen. Ditto the storm and the call for help. It's the unorthodox, unofficial "solution" to the problem that I'm uncertain about. Would such a thing be done?

Due to the sensitive nature of this topic (and that community), I don't feel comfortable posing this question to ask a cop. Does anyone here have ideas, suggestions, advice or other helpful input? 

Edgeworth. Tie

Fencing Clubs/Societies in Paris

EDIT! THANK YOU ALL! It looks like the Escrime Club Estudiantin de Paris will do the trick!

Google and Wikipedia have failed me and only want to give me results for  other countries for some flipping reason and Fencing.net doesn't list anything either.

I would like to find out if there is a fencing club or society in Paris, preferably near(ish) the Latin Quarter. I have a character that has participated in fencing of a sort in the past and would like to be able to find somewhere for him to continue with that while he is in Paris.

Perhaps the Sorbonne has a fencing society? I was unable to discern that from their website.

I don't mind if someone suggests somewhere that is normally members only - it only has to be plausible - I can easily have him pull strings to gain access to a private club.