January 14th, 2008

KH - OT3

Blisters on the fingers.

I've googled with as many variations and combinations of "blisters" "guitar playing" "injuries" and "fingers" I could think of, but I kept getting advice on how to treat the blisters.

What I want to know is: if my character practices guitar until his fingers start to bleed, where would the blisters be? Would they be on a specific hand, or would it change depending on what his dominant hand is? Would some fingers be worse off than others? Which ones?

Any guitar players out there who've gotten blisters that can give me a little help?
Shotgun Angel

Burning things in the UK, 1970s

I have no clue what to Google for this.

I have a character living in Nottingham, England, in 1973. She wants to burn an armchair. Would there be any specific ordinance against this? Did people still burn their trash in those days?

Bonus question – she lives in a mid-price flat. Would a building like this have a backyard? Is there anything the landlord could do to stop her/prosecute her for burning it out there?

Oh no you don't

Unusual court procedure...

I'm writing a piece, set in the US (fairly contemporary) in which a scientist has been arrested for breaking into a woman's house, kidnapping said woman, brainwashing several people, and possibly stealing several props/costumes from an amusement park (It's a fanfiction based on the animated Batman series). He's clearly insane in the sense of manic-depression, fixation, stalking, and a lack of remorse for his actions (He says that he was 'forced to do it')

How exactly would a court hearing proceed for this man?

What charges would be made? (I don't know how that stuff would be legally phrased.)

Would the man be allowed to defend himself?

Also, if anyone has any links or info on basic court procedure , then I'd be really grateful.