January 12th, 2008


Runway numbers

I'm writing a story where at one point a plane is landing at LaGuardia Airport in NYC, and I'm trying to figure out the name of the runway. I've found some information on the runway names but am not sure which is which. The plane would be flying past the Bronx while landing so it'll be landing at the runway pointing more northwards.
alan dare

Advertising auditions in the Victorian era

Time: Late Victorian era-ish
Place: Fantasy world that was supposed to be based on America but comes off more like England anyway, so whatever

Searches for this just come up with modern Victorian-era plays and such.

In the Victorian era, if the manager of a performance needed a performer (a singer, in this specific case), how would they go about finding one? In the current draft of the book, the main character is performing in a kind of trashy variety show and he comes in and "discovers" her, but if possible, I'd like to show the main character taking a more proactive role in finding herself a better situation. I'm just wondering if it's feasible, if she could find ads in the paper or something. (And if so, how would these advertisements read?)

Out of Service Gas Stations

Time Period: Present Day.
Place: Anytown, USA.

This might come off as an incredibly stupid question, but I wanted to make sure.

When a gas station closes down for business, is all of the gas taken out of it? And if it is (I'm sure it is), would the gas fumes still be a hazard if the gas station caught on fire? Would this still be a hazard years after it went out of business?

Thank you in advance for all your help.

Search terms used: Closed gas station, out of business gas stations, gas stations (on wikipedia).

ETA: I think I have my answer. Thanks, everyone!