January 10th, 2008

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Spider in pre-1995 children's anime

Hi - I'm looking for a (preferably children's) anime no later than 1995 which includes a spider as a character. Doesn't matter much if the spider is protagonist, antagonist, or not really terribly important, as long as it isn't exactly Teh Great Evol, and as long as it has a name. I googled all sorts of variations of 'anime spider' 'children's anime spider' etc, checked a couple of anime I know fit the timeframe I want, and had a look at the wikipedia list of anime of the 90s, but that turned out to be rather too long to go through one by one.

This isn't me looking for something I recall seeing somewhere - I have no idea if it exists, it would just be helpful if it did and if somebody could tell me what it is. Many thanks in advance!
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MOD POST: Deleted entries

As I've been going through recent posts and tagging them, I've noticed several deleted entries. This saddens me. There are good reasons to delete an entry -- say, you find out the person you're writing a suprise story for reads this comm, but I suspect they don't apply to ALL of the entries that have disappeared.

It isn't fair to the community when you delete your entries. We operate on the principle that, although you might have started a post, the discussion belongs to the entire community, not just you. This means that you don't have the right to stop it or delete it unless you have a very good reason. These very good reasons are rare.

1. Please don't delete your entries. If your question is answered and you don't want any more comments, edit your post to say thanks and change the comment settings to no notfication. If you made an embarrassing gaffe, suck it up and deal with it. Note that deleting your posts to cover up embarrassing gaffes is a bannable offense here.

2. Please tell me if you notice that an entry has been deleted, especially if you think it's because the poster was attempting to shut down discussion. Screenshots are a bonus. This will help me take action against the poster if necessary.

Need help with a military type briefing speech

Hi, first time posting here, and I could use some help.

I'm writing a story, sci-fi, set about 400-ish years in the future from now.

There's a military/government operation where there's a lot of mindgames to help see if the picked "kids" (around 15-22)are the right stuff for this small group that does undercover operations. The leader (I'm thinking general, but I'm not sure) of the small outfit is giving a briefing to several pf them about what is going to happen to them to the next several months. Of course, he doesn't mention the mind games and such, but here's my problem.

He's been in command a lot, and is pretty much giving a formal briefing, trying to get them to relax (since they haven't really been told what's going on much) and answer some questions without hinting at others, kind of thing. I have NO idea what type of words he should or shouldn't be using, since I'm not very militaristic myself. Anything I should not use, or word in a certain way? It's supposed to be serious, so it's not like I can throw in "Your mission, should you choose to accept it..." kind of thing.

Automated message for switched-off phone in Britain today + Emergency services

I don't know how I'd google for these...

1) What's the message you'd get in modern Britain if you try to call a mobile phone that's been switched off?


2) can the Emergency services locate an accident site with the aid of a phone number (the phone in question got disconnected in a car accident)?

EDIT: Wow, fast;) The first question's been dealt with. Thanks!

EDIT2: Thanks to everyone for help!

cattle black market?

I know that in parts of Europe there's a black market for cow passports, what with the mad cow scare, but is there any sort of black market for anything cattle-related in the U.S. these days? One wouldn't really be able to steal cows and sell them out of state anymore, what with the preponderance of corporate farms presumably not buying from shady down-the-way types.

Thanks for any help!

Visual Capabilities of Dormice

I'm working on a story in which the first chapter is in 3rd person PoV, but biased towards the point of view of a dormouse. And I suddenly realized that I have no idea what my limitations are in describing a second character from the dormouse's perspective.

My basic concerns:
Do dormice see in color/black-and-white/limited color/something else I haven't thought of?
The general range of vision of a dormouse--could the dormouse see the other character [a human girl] from about 5 feet away? Would the dormouse need to be right next to her to get a clear enough view?
I assume it won't be a problem if the lighting is poor, as dormice are nocturnal.

I'll take any information on dormice [or closely related animals as a guideline], but if it helps I'm looking specifically at the Common Dormouse/Hazel Dormouse/Muscardinus avellanarius.

Google search terms:
Dormouse vision -"What the dormouse said"
Dormouse visual capabilities -"What the dormouse said"

Whatever I'm doing, I'm not finding a lot of sites on dormice, and none of them have covered their visual abilities.

The story is set in a vague European-fairy-tale-esque world where animals can talk, so I suppose I can fudge details like this if it comes down to it. But I really would appreciate any information you could give me, or anything that might point me in the right direction to find more information. Thanks in advance!