January 8th, 2008

  • deird1

American Chocolate

My (American) character is given a box of chocolates as a thank-you gift. It needs to be something reasonably affordable, but fancy enough that one of her friends (visiting her later that day) wouldn't just sit down and start eating chocolate from the box on her desk.

I'd prefer a kind where all the chocolates are individually wrapped (in that crinkly paper), but if there's another variety that's more usual I'll use that...

When divorced people over 30, w/ kids, fall in love

I'm posting here because it's totally outside of my life experience even though I'm over 30 myself.

35 year old divorced man with a son, non-custodial parent, is falling in love with a 40 year old divorced woman with two daughters (also non-custodial parent). The way that they met and began bonding was discussing parenting, and their children. Is this a common thing to bond over?