January 6th, 2008


The Inner Workings of a Mental Hospital

I pretty much need to know everything about the inner workings of a mental hospital. Like, what kind of illnesses would put you in one, what are the specific job names of people who work there and what do they do, how plausible is it for two patients to have a relationship, how plausible is it for two of the doctors to have one and basically everything.

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Adoption rules in UK

I'm writing a story set in the UK 6 years prior to the legalization of civil unions for same sex couples in 2005. I was inspired by a news story about a lesbian couple who, prior to civil unions existing in the US, secured legal union for themselves through adoption. I was going to have the male couple in my story do the same thing. One problem though, I'm not sure what the adoption laws are like in the UK: is it allowed for one adult to adopt another? Is it allowed for a younger adult to adopt a person who's several years older?

ETA: Questions answered in comments thanks to fides.

Name and living questions!

I actually have a lot of other questions concerning this character, but I can only put two in words for now.

One character of mine is a Japanese woman named Rie. My questions are: what does this name mean, and should it be written in hirigana or with kanji? I've Googled it before, but I've only come up with profiles of actress and singers like Rie Kugimiya (who my Rie is actually named after) and Rie Miyazawa, but no name translations. I've found some kanji for the name, but I'm still learning when it comes to Japanese, and my literacy skills are limited. 

I was also wondering if there's any sort of... Amish-style equivalent to living in Japan? Are there still any Edo-era style villages anywhere in Japan now? And if there aren't, would it be possible for one to set something like it up? The story is set in a slightly futuristic setting, but nothing too far away from now. Rie, (who would be setting this living arrangement up), has been alive for centuries by supernatural means, and is sort of nostalgic. 

Any help would be very appreciated!