January 4th, 2008

Stop! Yoda-Time!

Treatment of acute transplant rejection (intensive care)

I'm looking for the different kinds of treatments that are being given in the case of an acute transplant rejection (any organ, present day medicine, perhaps with a slight spin towards futuristic possibilities, but not much).

I've read up on wiki and there it says that acute transplant rejection can be reversed if treated promptly. From what I found out so far, treatment seems to mostly consist of giving immunosuppressive drugs. But what else is there? If a person with acute transplant rejection arrives at the ER, what kind of actions would be performed on the patient right there, other than simply administering the drug? Something like "First, hook up to help machine thingy, second, give this and this" etc. I need some details to flesh out my story and somehow my google results don't get into the bare basics such as this.

Thanks! (and before anyone asks, no, I'm not writing a House fic, despite my mood theme *g*)

ETA: Also, the way I understood it immunosuppressive drugs need to be taken for as long as the transplant remains inside the patient's body (i.e. basically forever), no? So do you give additional drugs to that? *confused*

Putting together a crib?

Hey all.

I need two characters in a story to put together a crib. Neither of them has done it before. I need to know if cribs come with one of those funny little tools to put everything together with, or if they just require you to have a screwdriver? That kind of thing. Anyone put together a crib recently? :-P

ETA to clear up any confusion - The story is set in the US and the crib is a bed in which babies sleep.

Unorthodox Popcorn Making

So, my character is a criminal, non-military type person. If he were to get hold of a quantity of some primary and secondary explosive, and put a small quantity, something like 200 grams or so of either the primary explosive into a bag of popcorn, with assumably some kind of electrical thing to detonate it and a wire, or used the secondary explosive and a charge with a charge, what would be the effect of this on the popcorn? Would it simply be thrown everywhere? Would it pop? What if he used a flare instead? Would the popcorn just be burnt?

Googled terms: "popping popcorn with explosive", popcorn explosive, popcorn firecracker (sounds delicious, but not what I'm looking for), popcorn demolition, popcorn C4