January 3rd, 2008

Messing with my planet's rotation and climates

I took the idea in my head while I was designing things that looked pretty on a map that it has its ice caps in the east and west and rotates south to north. I asked elsewhere "so, a horizontal axis will do that with no problem, right?" and no. No it won't. I think it's technically fantasy, so there's no reason I couldn't just make it do that, but I'd really rather not. I'm writing more or less historical fiction for one of my made-up worlds. There's no magic in the story at all; I used up all my allotted weirdness combining the Dutch Republic with Enlightenment era England and America in a setting that's geographically pretty much Venice but colder.

Is it realistically possible to align a world that way and still have it be mostly Earthlike? And actually, now that I think of it: if it is possible to work a world that way, what would that do the possibility of a moon or moons?

I've been I thought of increasing the world's axial tilt without making it horizontal, but that just seems like it would affect the severity of the weather world-wide instead of where the climate extremes are. I've looked up retrograde rotation and that's not really what I'm after. People have told me to read up on tidally locked worlds, and I don't think that's what I'm trying to do. The world-building lesson sites I've found have good information on how to build the solar system, but don't seem to get down to the specifics that I'm interested in. (and I have to admit that I didn't really understand a lot of it. I was a history and writing major in college who took all earth sciences and crap like basic logic for my math requirements, so the large equations on those pages confuse the hell out of me).

It's just one little detail that isn't essential to the story--seriously, I can find other oddities to mention if I want to establish that this isn't actual real Venice with a bad case of the anachronisms--and probably no one but hard-core geeks would notice the problem with it. But it is driving me crazy.
[Formula 1] Massa Siamo Con Te

Transcript/Translation of a Portuguese (?) Exclamation


I'm looking for some help from anyone who can understand Portuguese, or possibly Brazilian-Portuguese. I have absolutely no knowledge of the language, and my smattering of Spanish hasn't been much help...

I need both a transcript and a translation of Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa's following exclamation:

8 sec. video, with a bit of context in English
8 sec. audio, as before but better quality
1 sec. audio, just the exclamation itself

It sounds to me like he's saying something along the lines of "a-kee-yoh", and I'm only assuming he's speaking Portuguese as it's his native language (he's from the city of São Paulo, Brazil). I've tried Babelfish and various online dictionaries, but without knowing the exact spelling of the word/s I'm not really getting anywhere. I'm guessing it's some sort of expression of triumph, so there may not be a direct translation, but any sort of approximation would help. Thanks in advance!

Bosnian Police Uniform and Alcohol Licensing

Setting is modern day Bosnia, specifically Sarajevo in the latter half of 2007.

My main question is this: What does the Bosnian police uniform look like?

This Wikipedia article shows one insignia, but google image search has thrown up a few different things, including a military-esque uniform. What I'm hoping is that the police uniform would be easily distinguishable, so one character will recognise another as being a policewoman simply by her uniform. If it is a military-esque, I'm worried that won't be possible. Any other details as to what it looks like would be a great help too.

I want the character in question to have been be doing the more day to day on the street type of law enforcement, I'd considered that she'd been involved in policing the licenced trade (sale of alcohol, anti social behaviour outside licensed premises, that sorta thing) cause I work in liqour licensing (in the UK) so I'd at least have a vague idea of what might happen for flashback purposes. We work with the police a lot, so it shouldn't be too difficult to throw something together and iron out anything that wouldn't work in Bosnia later.

I can't find anything on google about liqour licensing in Bosnia though, so if anyone knows what the setup is for Bosnia, I'd be most grateful. If sale of alcohol would be licenced by local authority, would the police work in cooperation with licensing enforcement officers etc. Or even how the licenced trade works (I asume it would be licensed somehow...) would a pub need a premises licence or some equivallent? And would that have specific conditions such as how late it can serve alcohol, what plans are in place to help prevent crime and dissorder etc?

I've searched various combinations of Bosnia, Sarajevo, Liqour, Alcohol, Licensing etc. I found one site that said a bar or club would need a licence, but 'everyone gets one' o_o? So I'd asume that means there's some standard alcohol licence, and there wouldn't be specific conditions on them like there are in the UK? It didn't really tell me as much as I needed to know ;_;

Yes, I'm begining to suffer somewhat for setting this novel in a country I've never visited. Shame it really won't work anywhere else :( Boo, plot bunnies, boo.