January 2nd, 2008

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Police and crime in 1920's Winnipeg

Background: I'm writing a Lovecraftian original fic set in early 1920's Winnipeg, Manitoba. Female protagonist, private-eye type character.

Research: The Urban Gallery at the museum, several books from the library, and far more old newspapers than my eyes want to remember. (As you'll see from the nature of the question, google isn't a lot of help with this.) Winnipedia is helpful, but the one recorded serial killer is too late for the main story.

Question: Is there any record of police proceedings/corruption at the time? I have most of the information as to what the city was like, and several records of well-known prostitutes my MC visits on a regular basis, as well as information on the rivalry between the Provincial and City police, but I don't have any personal accounts of how corrupt police officials or were or the standard stance they took to smuggling operations, local gangs, mafias, et cetera. I've been on the lookout for weird murders that may have been covered up, but so far I'm not finding anything, likely due to newspaper censorship.

In the end I have enough information of the city in general that I can just handwave or invent a crime wave the police are covering up, but I'd rather have some first-hand accounts if anyone has parents or grandparents who would have told stories. (Most of the people who would be my first-hand resources either immigrated after WWII or grew up in the wrong province.)

I know it's a long shot, but I figure this is the place to ask. Thanks in advance for any help and books I may have missed.

Re-opened wounds

Perhaps a slightly odd question, it's just something I don't want to mess up, and I'm not sure of the answer, or if there even is a concrete one.

If someone was to fall asleep with an open wound that was bleeding (not heavy enough to threaten her life or anything, but significantly), and the wound was touching the sheets, would the sheets stick to the wound the next morning, and consequently restart the bleeding if said character got up quickly without thinking about it? Basically, would the scab rip off in that situation? I've never tried it, I've just had bad band-aid experiences, which is why I thought of this.

Specific non-Earthy dates

This is--probably more a matter of opinion than fact...
Setting's a reasonably generic Medievalish Fantasy Universe (wherein I don't worldbuild in great depth, it's just sort of generic Location--but definitely not anywhere in Earth history)
Our Heroine needs to tell someone the approximate equivalent of "Look for the [logbook] from August 23d, [year that is 101 years ago]" without, ya know, anachronisms like months based on Roman gods and years based on Christianity. The year I can fudge by just saying "101 years ago" (though it sounds a tad off somewhow), but the month-and-day? Not so much. Especially since she's saying this in the neighborhood of 2-3 months in advance rather than, say, the present date or next week.

Specific date is flexible, but it needs to be near the end of summer/early fall, preferably on a date with some degree of astronomical significance.
Any suggestions?
(if it matters, the culture has a slightly Celtic feel to it)
edit: I'm thinking of going with something to the general effect of "Harvest Eve, 105 years ago--1063 on the priest's calender". Does that strike anyone as 1. anachronistic, 2. confusing, or 3. not something someone would say when specifying a date? I will likely not otherwise discuss dates/years.

British POW Camp 1940s Germany

Setting: 1940's Germany in a POW camp for British soldiers
Searches Attempted: Various combinations of "pow british germany mistreatment" and while I think I've gotten most of the answers I want I've still got some questions and issues that I was hoping I could get some help with, mostly because this is for a fanfic (if you are interested it's based off the British TV series POW). And so, with many thanks in advance for the help:

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