MASHFanficChick (mashfanficchick) wrote in little_details,

This might be too esoteric even for here...

Hi! Newbie here; I discovered the comm through an LJ friend's post. My question is both simple and (I think, anyway) hard:

Can anyone tell me someone--real or fictional--known for shooting their cuffs? ("Shooting your cuffs": to jerk your arms out straight, so that the shirt cuff appears below the sleeves of your suit jacket.)

I found one source that mentioned that Johnny Carson used to, but I never saw his show. Does anyone remember that about him?

For the record, my characters are in their mid-60's now, so really anything from about the 60's through today would work.

"Shooting his cuffs"/"shot his cuffs"/"shoot his cuffs"
Several "Tonight Show" monologues (to see if Johnny Carson did it)
Tags: ~clothing
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