Kayt Kakalina (selene_moon) wrote in little_details,
Kayt Kakalina

Japanese surnames with colors

Where/When: Japan, early 2000s
Searches tried combinations of "Japanese," "color," "kanji," "names" and "surnames"

I'm trying to compile a list of Japanese surnames with color kanji in them, but my searches haven't turned up much.

What I've found: Kurosawa- black swamp
Tachibana- wild orange
Himura- scarlet village
Maki- black pine

I haven't found kanji for those, but so long as those are the correct translation, I don't need the actual kanji.

The reason is that I write for a fandom where the canon characters all have names like that: Shirogane, Akasaka, Aoyama, Meguro, Aizawa, Midorikawa, Akai, Shirayuki, Fujiwara, and Momomiya.

I'm also looking for names with words that can also be used as color (i.e., momo-iro, fuji-iro) like those last two. Thank you!
Tags: ~languages: japanese, ~names

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