December 31st, 2007

Cheer Up Emo Vanyel

Famous Star-Crossed Friends?

Googled:  many combinations of star-crossed, friends, lovers, famous couples, etc.

I'm looking for a recognizable-to-most-readers duo from any media -- movies, tv, books, whatever -- where both parties are very interested in each other... yet due to obstacles, they never manage to get together.

Basically, I'm trying to condense some complicated backstory exposition down by having one character tell another "She's the [blank] to my [blank]."

Here's the qualifications I'm looking for in [Blank] and [Blank]:

1.  They each know that the other one loves them.
2.  For some good and noble reason, they can't be together.
3.  They quietly continue being coworkers/friends/whatever, rarely or never discussing the love between them.
4.  They have never been an actual couple.
5.  There is the sense that they belong together; they're repeatedly shown to be good for each other.

Hence my problem... folks like Ilsa and Rick, Norma Jennings and Ed Hurley, were all couples at one point.

Any help is greatly appreciated... and Happy New Year!