December 28th, 2007

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*Answered* Being shot in the general area of the knee

Setting: Behind the British lines during World War One.

Injury: A non-artery-perforating shot to the area of the leg right above the knee with a standard issue Webley Mk IV revolver. The person shot is a man in his early twenties, a bit in need of some proper food and sleep but in otherwise decent health. He's been shot intentionally with precision and planning; it wasn't a wound that occurred on the battlefield itself.

Question: What kind of medical treatment, both immediate and non-immediate, will the victim receive? I've Googled every combination of bullet wound, field hospital, medical treatment, military emergency medicine, battlefield medical treatment and World War One I can think of and I have nothing to show for it except curiosity that Google always wants to correct my WWI search to a search for WWII. Does anyone know of a resource that can provide the sort of information I need?

Edited so I don't have to repeat myself:
He's a spy for Britain come over from the German lines.
He's being held by British soldiers who don't trust him. In order to make sure he doesn't get up to anything while a commanding officer is being brought to the scene, they shoot him in the leg. The shot misses all major arteries and goes through flesh only, not bone. He is sitting still and not resisting.
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Cut-off date for enrolling in NC kindergarten (U.S.)

I have a character who was born in North Carolina, U.S., and would have attended school there. My question is, what is the cut-off date for children to start kindergarten in that state -- in the 1970s?

I have tried Googling for this (variations of "cut off date school "north carolina""), but right now the search results are cluttered up with the recent-ish news about the cut-off date being changed, and while I have the current date (October 16th), I'm not sure for how long that law has been in effect and can't find out that info either.
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do USAF dress blues have pockets?

Do the modern day  dress blues of the US Air Force have pockets on them? From what I've found, the jacket is supposed to the pocketless, but do the pants have pockets? The pictures I've seen of everyday BDUs have pockets, but I'm looking for the formal uniform that would be worn at a promotion or a memorial service.

Google searches: USAF dress uniform pockets, USAF dress blues, Air Force uniform, and several combinations of those. 

I also read the wikipedia article on USAF dress blues and searched on the USAF website.

Thanks in advance!