December 25th, 2007

chibi aizawa

specific phrase in sign language - thanks for the help!

i'm currently working out the details of a fanfic that one of the characters has a speech problem and uses sign language instead. i know i could create a whole different set of fingerspellings, and honestly i'm not gonna work out every gesture he's gonna do. but there's a significant plot point where the chara is scared and confused and i want him to slowly sign "clear glass" (by glass i mean bottles) as he realizes what happened.

i've looked everywhere and all i can find is the alphabet and numbers. i know i could spell it out letter by letter, but i'd rather just do the signs for the phrase/two words.

thanks for the help, i found what i needed!

Godparents and multiple moms/dads

I have a character with some extra parental figures, and I'm working on forms of address for them. His biological father is "Daddy", but he has a godfather and a stepmother and I have no idea what he should call them. (He's an infant, so he gets no say in the matter.)

For those of you who have godparents, and are close to them: how do you address them? As "Godfather"? Do you have another role-specific form of address? Or do you just go with "Uncle Bob"?

For those of you who have two fathers or two mothers (a same-sex couple, or a stepparent that you're close to, or anyone else that you consider to fill that kind of role), how do you differentiate between them?

I'm trying to get a wide variety of examples to choose from, so anything you've got that seems vaguely like what I've described, please don't hesitate to throw it in.