December 15th, 2007

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Another New York-type question...

Can anyone tell me...

1) Time-wise, how long does it take to travel from New York City to Washington DC by train?

2) How long does it take to travel from the Finger Lakes District to Manhattan by train?

I've looked at lots of train maps, but all they give me is the mileage!

Thanks for the help! ;)

ETA: Thanks, everybody, but I've given up trying to make this work. From what I've been able to glean from maps, Amtrak timetables, and your anecdotal advice, it would take anywhere from five to eight hours for my character to travel from the Finger Lakes region of New York to Washington DC and back, even on a Saturday. That's not a realistic timeframe for the story I'm working on.

I really wanted him to take the train, but it looks like he's going to have to fly in from Syracuse instead.
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Punk band on tour in 1978

Hey folks.

I'm writing about a punk band going on tour in the late seventies ('76 - '78), and I'm wondering if the cities I have them playing in are realistic. I'm not sure how to google this, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Even better, I would love people's opinions on the likeliness of a punk band (think the Clash) playing the following cities:


Thanks in advance!

Where would a merchant live in Tudor London circa. 1530's

My novel is set across the reign of Henry VIII (1491-1547). I have a character who is a merchant based in London. He was initially an impoverished minor noble but has done quite well in business.

I am trying to find out where in London he might live. It would potentially be an up-and-coming area, north of the River Thames and reasonably near to a bridge that crosses the River Thames towards Greenwich Palace.

I have bought a map of Tudor London, but this does not help me. I've also googled 'merchant home tudor london', 'Tudor merchant' and 'area of london for tudor merchants'

Finally I am also looking for guidance on a rough area of Tudor London. Ideally this would be a place with taverns and whore's. I don't need an exact location, but a suggestion of an area would be helpful.

I have googled 'bawdy part of tudor london', 'drinking areas of tudor london' and 'drinking in tudor london'.

If you can assist I would be very grateful!