December 13th, 2007


September 11 and Military Protocol

I've googled "sept. 11+army+school+children" and I haven't found anything useful.

What I'm looking for is what occurred on 9/11 at army posts in the United States in regards to the schools and school children either on post or near post. Specifically would they have been sent home, kept inside the school? If not onsite, is it at all possible to imagine that the army children (who lived at the post) would be collected and escorted back to the post? My character is in high school if that changes things.

Thank you for any help.
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  • annarti

Ancient antivenom

Setting~ Central-Australia-esque desert. Think ancient Egypt in terms of technology, but I'm willing to pilfer anything that'll work. It's fantasy, wai.

Has anyone got any idea about ancient antivenom, for snakes, scorpions, spiders, whatever? I've tried Google and Wiki and none of it really fits.

  • modern stuff, with complicated names that I have no idea how to translate into a herb or something
  • raw, rough-as-guts first aid (isolate limb, get rid of poison etc)
  • stuff that has no medical basis whatsoever (putting a goat on your head, drinking the blood of a chicken at midnight, that kind of Pliny-the-elder type thing)
  • One-herb-cures-all. Grind that up, stick it on a bite and boosh, cured. Far too easy.

    So yeah, I just need something halfway plausible that won't have first year med students cringing at my complete lack of logic.

    (I also asked the question here, so anything to confirm or deny what people have answered there would be snazzy =3)
  • booty

    Looking for a specific cardiac disease....

    Okay.  I know that this exists, but I have no idea what it's called.  It's a type of heart disease with the following qualities:

    -late onset (20's-30's)
    -frequent angina
    -worsens with time

    I know that it can be caused by lifestyle stuff (partial blockages), but I'm looking for the one that's congenital, if there is one.

    Anyone know the proper name for it?