December 4th, 2007

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Locations on University of Washington campus

Setting: Seattle, Present Day.

I live in the Seattle area but I never went to college up here--I'm from Texas and most of what I know about Seattle college life is nonexistant.

Are there places known on the University of Washington campus where a group of girls could gather and talk and someone else eavesdrop without being noticed? Like a big central area. We had this at Aggieland, the big one being the Memorial Student Center Flag Room. My MC needs to hear a girl relate a past event to her friends without being noticed until she gets up and walks off, and if possible I need it to be in a location that means she can walk off and head to an off campus apartment without walking too far or taking the bus to those apartments.

Also, if someone was looking for directions to a off campus place, where would she go ask for help/guidance or find a map?


ETA: Many thanks! The HUB sounds like exactly what I'm looking for!