December 2nd, 2007

Glasgow: exams and ballet

 Story I'm writing with a friend is happening in Scotland, to be more specific, in Glasgow. We have already done a lot of research but some details are still unsolved. So if you could help, please.-)

1)Is there actually a ballet school in Glasgow that you could study after secondary school? As a university? Or are we stuck with the one in London? Any ballet-study info about Glasgow may help.

2)Some of the characters are ending secondary school in sixth form and want to attend universities. I have found that leaving exams are in first weeks in June and now I need to know when they will know the results. Also when they should do exams for university and when they will know those results. (It's all about right timing, you know.-)

Thank you very much in advance and sorry about my grammar if it's not ok.-)     

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