December 1st, 2007

Gaga - Telephone

Orphans in Japan

In my current story, one of the characters was abandoned by his mother as an infant. He was taken to an orphanage, but the plot of the story hinges on his NOT being adopted and eventually running away from the orphanage. He also has oracular abilities, which manifest as epileptic symptoms, so I'm thinking that might have been the reason. He's about 35 now, but the story is set in the late 25th century, so it doesn't much matter about current legal procedures; however, prospective parents' attitudes would probably have remained the same. What I am asking, in a very roundabout way, is:

Are babies with medical problems, such as epilepsy, commonly not adopted? I also get the sense that older children are much less likely to be adopted than babies, is that so? In an orphanage with many children, some of whom would probably have also been abandoned or abused, would a male with a habit of fainting be made fun of?

(I honestly have no idea what to Google here, as it's kind of an opinion question.)