November 30th, 2007

WalterSeras by dasaod

Police and intimate relationships with crime victim

I have a female police officer in a (medium-sized, I guess) town in the U.S. in the early 1980s. (It's a Silent Hill AU gameverse fanfic so I'm probably not going to name a particular state.)

She is approached by a victim to a crime and is the officer to take her report. The report ties in to an ongoing investigation but the police don't make immediate arrests based on the woman's claims (at least not that they make public.)

Meanwhile the police officer becomes emotionally and sexually involved with the woman who was the victim of the crime. My question is: Does this violate any laws? Policies commonly held by police departments? Ethical guidelines? They will essentially keep the relationship secret or at least extremely low-key anyway because of other factors including personal safety from the Bad Guys and the acceptability of lesbian relationships at the time but I'm trying to figure out what the police officer's views might be about getting involved with this particular woman, since she met her professionally and took her statement. (It strikes me as the sort of thing that's always happening in fiction but I wondered if it would be a huge "NO" in reality.)

I googled "police officer relationship crime victim" but got nothing even remotely useful. "Police department ethical guidelines" didn't seem to have anything either, plus it was all information from at least fifteen years after I'm writing.

Speculation is welcome. Thanks in advance.