November 25th, 2007

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Youth Group Homes

Setting: present day, small town B.C.
Terms: group home, youth / child group home, Canada / B.C. Group home, Halfway home, Children Care Services, Foster care

I'm having a bit of a time trying to find some specific information on how Group Homes for youth in Canada are run.  I tried checking out the U.S. where I think the equivalent are Halfway Homes, ('halfway homes' in Canada are for prisoners, not youth,) but they seem to be run quite a bit differently.  I've checked out all the official government sites, but they go into the larger legalities of managing a home, not the little details.  I've looked up some news articles that talk about how many kids find them to be very institutionalized, and some other glazed over problems associated with them.   There doesn't seem to be much else I can find.

So my questions:

Is there anywhere I'm overlooking for details in set up and operation of a home?
Anyone with personal experience in the system? (If you don't feel comfortable divulging in the comments, I can give you my email)
Is there a list of group homes of B.C. somewhere?
Is there an age restriction on youth in a group home?
Can youth who have been in a home come back and work for it?
Would a child care worker be allowed to help run a group home? How about a therapist/councillor?
Can sponsors be singular people, or do they have to be organizations?
Are these organizations usually religious institutions?

Thanks in advance for whatever help I can get!

Etiquette in Ancient Greece

I tried googling "Etiquette in Ancient Greece" but couldn't quite find what I was looking for. I'm doing a short ficlet in the DC comics fandom involving Donna Troi. Ficlet calls for her to be given a standing ovation when she appears. I'm wondering what the proper reaction would have been in ancient Greece, for a woman given honor above the norm.

(My sketchy knowledge of that time period tells me that women generally were not showered with honors, so maybe I'm stretching here. But I don't believe that a blush and a curtsey is quite what I'm looking for.)