November 22nd, 2007

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jester shoes

Is there a specific term for the curly-toed shoes you see jesters wearing? Googling "jester shoes" gives a lot of great images but not the terminology. I wiki'd jester and found out that the three-pointed hat was a cockscomb/coxcomb, but couldn't see anything on the shoes.
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New York in the 1970s

Hey guys,

I'm looking for some personal accounts with this question, which really has two parts. The preface is this: it is March 1978, and two young men who are in a punk band in London are coming to New York City for the first time. They wander around the city, get culture-shocked, love it, stay above a smoke shop on the Bowery, and are enchanted by American TV.

I, unfortunately, was not alive in 1978. So here are my requests:

1. Personal accounts of New York City at this time. What might the boys see on their ventures around the "underground" scene? What was Greenwich Village like? What was the Bowery like? What was the atmosphere?

2. And secondly: what would have been on TV? I've read news items from the times to get some ideas--the Coastal Road Massacre, for instance--but what else might the lads see on the ol' idiot box?

Thanks in advance!
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Military bedding and greek numbers

Both of these topics have eluded me in my searches. Wikipedia has lots of info on the military and the rituals/procedures but I can't find the specific info I want. Similarly, there are hundreds of 'greek lexicons' out there and many other 'teach yourself ancient and modern greek' sites but none of them seem to mention the simple, basic fact that I want... maybe I am missing something.

So, two questions for you. You may (or may not) be surprised to find they are for the same sci fi story...

1) I have a facist military regime in a far future, distant galaxy setting. For veracity and familiarity, I am including some elements of real world military organisations and while I was writing a particular bit I realised that I had no idea about some of the procedures around tidying a barracks room on a daily basis. Ok, I *could* make them up and may well do so but I would like to know a little more about the real thing before I mess around with it. That way I can make educated, rational changes to it rather than 'just make something up' :)

In particular I would like to know if there are any names given to the style of bedding used by the military. In hospitals you call it 'hospital corners' on the sheets, for example. Also, are there any regulations about how the sheets need to be done - length it can be pulled over the blanket, for example? Any stories and anecdotes about this would be welcomed. I don't care which country the military system is from - I can mix and match randomly - though I am particularly looking for incredibly precise and strict systems

2) Greek numbers. Is it just me or did the greeks not have any numbers? Every site I looked at does not seem to have any mention of them. Maybe I am not looking far enough... I am wanting to change some measurement names and am hoping to be able to change the latinate centi-, deci, etc to greek equivilents.

Any help appreciated and thanks in advance.
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Hungarian phrase

I'm too afraid to use an online translator for this.. I'm pretty sure I've got the syntax right (I speak a tiny tiny bit of Magyar), but I want a sanity check from a fluent Hungarian speaker.. character in my story has this tattooed on his arm in Hungarian "Only God Can Judge Me", and I translated it in as:

either Csak Isten ítélhet Meg Engem or Csak Isten Meg Engem.

This is a central part of the character so I want to get it right - can I get the proper syntax or a confirmation of one of the aboev? Thanks!