November 17th, 2007

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Japanese honorifics between male cousins.

I did google "Japanese honorifics" and "Japanese honorifics cousins" but I really don't know which sites to trust, plus they don't necessarily give specifics (understandably). I also checked the tags here.

I have a male in contemporary Tokyo who is about to graduate from university, and he's calling up his male cousin (first cousin) who is around the same age (slightly older) and also about to graduate from a different university. He doesn't see him that often and they're not exactly good friends, but they get along fairly well. (He's calling him up to ask him advice about dating and women because he can't think of anyone else to ask, though I know that's not exactly relevant.) It's a fanfic, but the cousin is someone I made up so there's no canon on this to go by. So, does anyone know what honorifics they are likely to use with each other? I'm thinking they would go by given names, but maybe I'm wrong on that too. (They have the same family name, though.) Any help is very much appreciated.
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Hi all.

All google searches failed me. It's probably an ESL issue, and all the hours invested wasted in watching CSI episodes failed to enlighten me.

Setting: Modern-day English-speaking world. Probably USA, but I'm flexible.

My problem is term-related: in normal hospital morgues, what's the term used for those shelves they put the dead on for storage? And what's the low temp container commonly called? Freezer, or something completely different?

Wiki article on morgues shed no light, and terms googled include combinations of "morgue, description, layout" and similar words.

Thank you for your help. 

ETA: Thanks, people! I've got what I need now. You've been great. :)
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Scripts used by mortgage/bill collectors?

I'm writing about someone whose home is threatened with foreclosure. I'd like her to receive a typical phone call from a collections person.

Does anyone have access to scripts that such a person would use? I imagine there are several, from various stages of default: Whatever you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Sorry, forgot to mention: This is in the present-day U.S..
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Butlers and forms of address

Setting: Present day, America (southwest)
Search Terms Used: butlers, forms of address, butlers + titles, butler + form of address

It's a small detail, but I honestly don't know how this works. I have a character, very wealthy, with a mansion and full staff of servants. My question is this: How would his butler address him? For that matter, how would the rest of the staff address him/any visitors he might have? I'm thinking either as Master/Mistress X or Sir/Madam/Miss, but I'm not 100% sure on this . . .
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