November 15th, 2007


Specific folktales pertaining to the Ajattara in Finnish lore

My question isn't really a question, but more of a request for anyone from Finland or possessing information about Finnish folklore (myths, legends, hearsay, fairy tales, etc.) to detail any folktales about the Ajattara creature they happen to have knowledge of.

More specifically, I'm pleading with anyone who might have a Finnish folktale or fairytale book and would be willing to share any and all stories about the Ajattara (also spelled Ajatar, Aiatar, etc.). I want to collect a few stories along the vein of, "Peasant girl meets Ajattara in forest" or, "There was once a family who had something weird living in their cupboards." You get the idea.

When I search for "ajattara", Google finds me loads of information on the five-piece heavy metal band with the same name, but nothing on the Finnish creature of folklore. Googling "ajattara folklore" gets me links on GoogleBooks which, unsurprisingly, lack the pages where the entries for this creature are located. It did lead to the entry in Pantheon for "Ajatara", and then for "Aitvaras" as a related creature in Lithuanian folklore. On Dracopedia I get four sentences.

My search is not going too well for me. I've visited Wikipedia already, by the by. I consulted an encyclopedia of folklore at the library, but it tends to focus on Western myths more than anything.

Thank you in advance.

18/11/07: Thank you for all your help. I'll keep looking until I find something more definite.
Big Bad Wolf, Bigby

Age of adulthood- Celtic culture

Time: 1st Century AD
Place: Ireland
Search terms: Google and Wiki various combinations of "Celtic" "culture" "Womanhood" "age" "girls", referenced my Omnibus of Irish folklore but that's kind of guy-centric

The Question: What would be the most likely age that a young Celtic girl in ancient Ireland would reach "womanhood" and get married?

Thank you in advance for any and all of your helpful responses. :D