November 14th, 2007

not mine, mat

archacic words for mother (informal)

setting: Fantasy--medieval to renascence era, bering vague resemblance to england
terms googled: Mother synonyms , informal (words,names) for mother, informal mother medieval

I'm looking for an informal word for mother that won't sound completely anachronistic. Time period and location are flexible, as this is fantasy and a fictionalize era/ place. I've googled my brian dry as most of that i've come up with (mom, ma, mommy, ect) seem to modern sounding. Any other suggestions?
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Designer Drugs in bulk

Can anyone tell me what a large amount of designer drugs looks like? All I can picture is little pills, and I'm wondering how are they packed for moving around in large quantities?

My MC has to fetch a "shipment" of designer drugs, and I don't really know what that would looke like. Boxes? Bottles?

I'm assuming you wouldn't need to have a really large package to have quite a lot of drugs?

Also, are some of them in liquid form? And might they be carted around in glass bottles? (I have a need to spill some on someone)