November 13th, 2007


Where Would He Run?

Okay, last question regarding this story: 

So, an American lawyer cleans out his business, ditches his partner, and runs. He needs a tropical location because of health reasons. He wants to set up a new law business, as law remains his life. Where would he go to remain protected from the American authorities? 

I originally had him "relocating" to the Bahamas and/or Cayman Islands. Both territories, however, are English protectorates, subject to US-UK jurisdiction. Plus, a non-citizen must first pass a criminal background check before he can work or set up shop in the Cayman Islands. New Guinea had occurred to me, but it might be too remote for this character to consider as a viable spot for his law practice. Any other suggestions? 

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Dog Breed/Ancestry

Is it possible for someone to tell me the breed of the dog in the following pictures? I have no idea if she's purebred or mixed, but if someone can even tell me a possible ancestry for her (like "she may be part x breed" or something), that'd be great! :)

If it helps, the setting is modern-day Japan.

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Unfortunately, this is not a question that can really be Googled, so all I have to go on are the pictures. I've tried dog breed sites, but since I don't even know where to begin, I haven't really gotten anything out of them. I also am not sure exactly how tall she is, sorry!

I tried to find good shots of her face and fur, and I hope these pictures are enough. I can look for more specific shots if they're needed.

Thank you!