November 11th, 2007

ron fog divination

Getting Hit in the Head by a Volleyball

My Google-fu seems to be rather weak and I haven't found anything on what I'm looking for. I used the keywords volleyball, high school, and head injuries all in various states of quotes, etc.

In my story I'm thinking of having my character playing volleyball in her high school physical education class and getting hit in the head with the volleyball because she's not paying attention. I don't want it to be too serious of an injury, really just something where the teacher sends her down to the nurse and the nurse maybe gives her an ice pack and has her lie down or stay there to make sure she's okay.

Is this a plausible scenario or would she get hurt worse than that or sent to the hospital to be checked out? If so, any suggestions on how she can still be hit in the head during phys ed where it isn't too serious?

This takes place in the US at a public high school, I have no idea what state though.

ETA: Takes place in May of 2006

False conceptions of 18th century composers

Time: 18th and mid-19th centuries
Place: Europe

I'm looking for a composer living in the 18th century, who people in the mid-19th century Europe had false conceptions – or at least one false conception – of. I think quite an easy way to approach this question would be to look what Anton Schindler wrote about Beethoven, but I don't know if people really believed what he wrote since Alexander Thayer started writing a new biography as early as in the 1850's. Also, I'd like the composer to be someone a bit less "obvious" than Beethoven (or Mozart, for that matter), though that isn't absolutely necessary. The false conception itself should be such that someone who knew the composer in question could correct it.

I'm not exactly sure how to search for this; I've mainly read about various composers but I feel a bit like looking a needle in the famous haystack, and so I thought I'd ask if someone here had any suggestions.

Thank you in advance!