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Pre-WWI Priest and friend

So, under what circumstances would an American Catholic priest be allowed to spend the vast majority of his time with a young lady, circa 1905-1911?

Would it be impossible? Would there be chaperones? The important thing is that they don't raise eyebrows. Not much, anyways. They don't go falling in love and having sex and breaking taboos left and right, but they are pretty inseparable.

She's upper-middle class, maybe an invalid, if it gives him a reason to hang out with her. I'm fairly certain that she's single.

Wow! Thanks! Lots of opinions, lots of ideas. :)

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Placental Abruption and Mortality - 17th c. England

So I've read several articles on placental abruption from the Mayo Clinic, American Pregnancy Association, eMedicine, and Discovery Health but, since the information located on these sites are geared toward the complication in the context of modern medicine, and since I have no medical knowledge myself, I'm still searching for an answer.

The story is set in 17th century London...1676 to be more precise. The character in question is carrying twins and is at 28 weeks gestation. She is beaten severely enough to cause placental what happens after that? Will the babies be delivered? What is their chance of survival given the period and the distress they've suffered in utero? How much blood does the mother have to lose and how quickly for her to go into shock and die? (Yes, the mother needs to die, unfortunately. The babies can go either way.) How long would the whole process take? What steps might a midwife of physician of the period take to try to handle the situation?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
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Looking for a particular proverb or saying

I'm trying to come up with a traditional saying or proverb (in English, although I guess something translated from another language might be okay) that means something like "Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies," or "What you don't know won't hurt you." Neither of those is exactly right, and their tone feels somewhat off for the faux-late-medieval fantasy setting I'm currently writing in. My character needs to say something that conveys the sense of "You're not going to be happy with my answer to that question if you persist in asking it."

Any thoughts? I've tried looking through various big lists of proverbs online, but nothing has leapt out at me as being exactly right. It's possible there isn't such a proverb, of course, in which case I guess I'll just have to find another way to express this :)

ETA: Thanks very much for all the suggestions! I think I have plenty to choose from now :)
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Exercise, sit-ups and such

Mostly a numbers question, related to exercise.

I have this character - male, young (25 or so), fit but not extremely so. (He's a soldier, but more an officer/Navy type than a Marine, if you follow.) He's recently been through a tough mission, a couple of weeks in the field with very few creature comforts, not enough food in the last few days, and has been in combat at least 3-4 times during that period. When the story's set, though, he's been back to base for a couple of days, had his injuries fixed up (they were fairly superficial to begin with, plus he has access to super-meds) and has presumably had time to sleep and eat recently.

For various reasons he gets upset, and heads down to the gym to try and work things off. So my question is: how many sit-ups, pull-ups etc. would it make sense for this guy to be able to do, and how much lower would that number be when he's not at his physical peak, as above? May be very nitpicky, but on the off chance the story ends up being read by someone who knows about such things, I don't want him to come across as either weak or some kind of super-athlete.

Power of Attorney

 Quick questions for the community law-dogs: 

If two people have exchanged power of attorney over one another's property, what does one of them need to do in order to exercise it over the other?

How long would it take to do so if they were both lawyers, and conscious of their circumstances? 

Would POA allow them access to one another's bank accounts? 

Would the other partner be alerted to such an exercise of power? 

How might a hot shot legal eagle be able to get around the usual requirements for such actions? 

Would a back door allow one to act without the other's permission? 

And how might one business partner transfer the legal obligations of a contract to another business partner? 

Background of the story: 

One partner cleans out the other partner's bank account, as well as all properties of their shared company. This is illegal,but he disappears and neither the police northe other partner can find him. Eventually, a clue drops and the robbed partner finds his treacherous buddy. The robbed partner also bears a supernatural contract that may be passed along to the partner who holds the "perceived value" of the contract - in other words, the party that benefits from it is the party that's stuck with its conditions. How can my protagonist (the robbed partner) clean out the theif's bank account and transfer the supernatural contract's provisions on to his former partner... or can he do soat all? (The laws allowing this, BTW, don't have to be HUMAN laws, just laws recognizable as contractual obligations.)

PS: The tale takes place in the US. - New York, to be specific. 

And yes, the robbed partner realizes that he was really stupid. His former partner was his mentor, and when the guy cleaned out the office, he specifically took the POA contracts with him. Said partner then bolted from the USA. The supernatural contract, however, can follow him anywhere, so long as the robbed partner finds out where the thief lives.


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Naming (especially surnames) of anonymous babies at orphanages

OK, I don't really know how to Google this. I did try Wikipedia, but the obvious articles (both the ones about child abandonment, orphanages, the safe haven law, baby hatches and so forth and the ones about names) were no help. The question, by the way, is for a LJ-less friend's RP character.

What happens if a baby winds up at an orphanage/children's home/whatever they call them nowadays (if they're not literally found on the doorstep, it would be a similar sort of thing at least insofar as contact with parents/relatives/guardians goes) with no clue as to what their name is? I know they'd have to be given a first and last name, but how would that name - especially the surname - be chosen? Are there any common conventions for that, like using a really common surname in the vein of "Smith" or taking it from the name of the orphanage?

This happens in the US (probably California, but I'm not completely certain) in the early 1990s, by the way.
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Inmate Hygiene

This is the type of thing that I'm not really sure where to get information on outside of the movies.

So, this guy's spending time in a medium-security facility for investment fraud. The one detail I'm kind of hung up on is the personal hygiene of the inmates in such a situation. I've managed to hunt down the exact facility I'm sticking this guy in, and even the sentencing guidelines for a white-collar crime such as this. But what I can't seem to find is how personal care works.

Does anyone out there know how often these guys are allowed to take care of things like shaving, and under the circumstances that they happen. Same goes for their hair; how often can they get it cut? My last one seems kind of dumb, but would such activities even be required, and if so, how often?

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Suicide; commiting and concealing

There's no real way for me to test this without harming either myself or someone else, which I fully don't intend to do.

So, let me set the scenario for you:

Character A is having her 17th birthday the next day; her parents have decided that she's going to undergo a completely irriversable process on her birthday. Because she has no viable alternative - the orginazation that oversees the process having completely taken over the entire world by this time - she decides to kill herself. She takes a bath, filling it with bubbles, then climbs inside and stabs herself in the carotid artery.

My questions are: would the blood be visible through the bubbles, and would the water turn deep red when she'd finished bleeding out?

The bathtub is two feet wide, six feet long, and one and three quarter feet deep.

Edit: Okay, so I can see by the comments that I'm going to have to have her submerge her neck halfway into the water to keep the blood from splattering all over the place. Thanks.

Edit2: I've been thinking about the bubble thing; if bubblebath foam breaks down so fast, what would be a good thing to use? I want her father to have to clear away the foam before he discovers that she's dead.

Also, about how warm would the water be when she died if it had started at the hottest comfortable temperature?
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MOD NOTE: a request

I read every post that comes through this community, but I can't always read them immediately, and I often miss what happens after an entry is posted despite frequently scanning our "last comments posted" page.

So please, please let me know if there's a problem! My contact info is on the user info. I try to stick to just enforcing the rules and let you guys work out interpersonal issues for yourselves, but I also appreciate knowing about conflicts just so I can be there if they get out of hand. And so I can watch.