November 3rd, 2007


Believable Marketplace Disputes

This really isn't googleable, but I need ideas.

Setting is fantasy, mostly a medieval setting.

My MC is going to be queen, but she doesn't know it yet. I need several scenes that can show her moderation abilities, that would take place as she travels through the village and marketplace. They need to be subtle enough so that she doesn't realize but enough that those around her, particularly the prince, notice her abilities.

For reference in the kingdom there are humans, elves who are lower working class but believe that they should be superior because according to their mythology the blood of the fairies who created the world runs in their veins and gnomes who were primarily stone workers, but now do jobs such as carpentry, smithing and the like. They resent humans because they generally are hired by humans and they think elves are snotty as well.

My MC is a nobleman's daughter, niece to the king, but her mother used to take her to the marketplace closest their manor often, so she is familiar with the people's ways.

Roman Catholic Last Rites after death

Google search: roman catholic last rites after death, roman catholic last rites, roman catholic prayers over the dead, extreme unction, and all these permutations w/o the word 'roman' in front of them.

What I'm looking for is post-Vatican II procedure for saying giving last rites to a corpse. The situation is that the character died unexpectedly and was not able to participate in the last rites - making a final confession and receiving the final Eucharist.

When my grandfather died IRL last month we had to do this for him. The priest came after he died in the hospital and said prayers. But I was so out of it in the moment that I don't know what was going on.

What vestments does the priest wear to perform this blessing on the corpse?

[BSG] B/S Earth

Paris in 1925 (hotels, specifically)

This is for my NaNo, so I might be back...

I am curious as to whether anyone knows whether or not a fancy hotel in Paris (assume THE fanciest/most expensive if that means the answer is "yes") would have room service and/or a telephone to the front desk in each room in 1925.

I tried Googling all sorts of combinations of "history," "Paris," "hotel," "telephone" (or "room service") and didn't get anything explicitly telling me "no," but I thought I'd ask in case anyone happens to know. (Perhaps it wouldn't be called "room service"?)

Also, if anyone has any thoughts/tips/ideas about Paris in the summer of 1925 that would be most excellent. :D
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Child services - visits and procedures in the late '80s.

Hi all,

I am writing a story where there is a visit to a family by a child services inspector, triggered by that child (female, 13 years old) having been picked up totally naked in an apparent attempt to run away. I've poked around on the internet to get an idea of how the visit would go, how many days from reporting does the inspector arrive to interview the family and the child, etc. But I was hoping someone could give me more details? If anyone knows? Especially if it's changed from the early eighties? How many follow up visits, what can the family expect? Would the inspection escalate in a particular way? I know this might vary from state to state, but I'm interested in all of it. This story is set in California.

In this case the girl is acting out, so she's not in any actual, physical danger from her parents -- she's not being abused -- aside from what danger she puts herself in. And that becomes clear to the inspectors rather quickly, so while the parents aren't blameless, the girl is looking to cause trouble.

Anyone have any idea of how a typical child services/child endangerment inspection would go?

Injuries - Eyes, Stitches, and Scars

Google Search -
"Eye Injury" "Eye Injury Scar" "Medical Eye scar" "Medical Eye Scar Stab" "Blood In Iris" "Injury Eye Pigment"
"Long Term Stitches" "Unprofessional Stitches" "Effect Long term Stitches" " Medical Stitches Long Term"

I actually have about three questions, and I've realized how hard it is to find information about specific eye injuries.

First -- If your eye is stabbed, with a knife, would it be completely ruined or would/could it scar? - Similar to the top image there.
OR, would the eye be completely ruined. I understand that it would more than likely be un-usable, but could it just scar like that?

Second -- If an eye is injured, again, would there be a way for the iris to either lose it's pigment because of the injury, or for...blood to leak into the iris and stain/be there permanently if untreated? In a way for it to be pink/redish.
I have a Character where his eye was injured, as well as around his eye, and I'm wondering how possible it is for his injured eye to be pink - Injury

The third question goes with the same character.
The stitches were made when he was younger, about 13 (He's 23 about now) and they were done unprofessionally with needle and thick string.
What would be the long term effects of the  stitches being left in, as well as the unprofessional quality of them?
Could they possibly contribute to the eye injury as well?

I am unsure if there is any obvious searching that I missed, but none of them had quite what I was looking for, or were in medical terms that I could not quite understand.

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bio-electricity, cell electrical potential, the sodium-potassium pump, and magic :D

setting: world much like this one, modern-day, only with the addition of another form of energy.

searched: i've googled variations of the first two items in my subject line plus 'electricity in the body', looked up stuff in wikipedia concerning cell potential and the like, and cracked open my bio textbook, but as a beginning bio student -- and a rather bad one at that -- this seems to be more a comprehension thing along with a lack of information.

background: nano time! it's discovered that humans, through an unspecified biological process, can convert electrical energy into thaumic energy. my problem is i'm not sure how electricity actually exists in the body -- free-flowing current along nerves, the like -- and if not, how it's produced. i've read up on the potential difference created between the inside and the outside of a cell by sodium/potassium ions but i'm not understanding how that actually powers movement and signals along the nervous system and the like.

also -- what would happen if the body is drained of its electricity stores, as it were? since that's being converted to thaumic energy and all, it's not available for the body to use for its more normal processes. i'm thinking numbness, paralysis, cardiac arrest, brain death, et cetera, but i'm no med student either. thanks in advance!

Things Made of Iron, Especially in a Medical Setting

Setting: Modern America, but in a universe where mythological beings exist

Search terms: Iron, Uses of Iron, Uses of Steel

I have a fairy character who can't touch iron.  When I googled iron, I was shocked at how many things contain it.  Apparently my education failed me somewhere and I never found out what steel was made of.  One of the surprising things I found was that cars contain iron.  Are there any other really, really common items like that that she'd have to avoid touching?  Do doorknobs generally contain iron?  I couldn't find a comprehensive list online, just general things like "transportation" or "steel."

Also, at some point she's going to be hospitalized after an accident, and I need a clueless doctor to poke a wound with something containing iron.  Is it safe to say that most hospital equipment is made of stainless steel?  Would a doctor use something made of steel to clean or stitch up a wound?  The last time I was hospitalized for something like that I was a little kid and covered up my eyes, so I'm not sure how they got all those rocks out of my knee.  :~)