November 2nd, 2007

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On Dialing 911

I did Google for this and found a great source, but it brought up a few more questions. Having never done it myself, I'm not sure what happens when you dial 911. I found a site full of stories, and some of them seemed to imply that you have to work your way through a menu before you can talk to someone. And a few mentioned getting put on hold so long they gave up trying.

Is there actually a menu you have to go through? And how often do you get put on hold for twenty minutes or more? Also, what's the usual response time? Most of the commenters were saying between five and ten minutes, but what about if you live out in the boondocks?

The setting is right about the western border of Nevada, current day. Girl lives out in the country where there's a good acre or two between neighbors and the nearest police station is about 45 minutes away if you take the highway.

facial wound blood loss, broken glass vs. pants

Setting: Fantasy world where they know enough about electricity to have things that start with cranks, but not enough to have any cities wired. Nothing is mass produced, all the props in this story are hand-made. Very few people have any sort of advanced medical knowledge, if someone is hurt they're going to call for a priest/healer instead of a doctor.

Our heroine is a 20-something woman, short at 5'0"ish and maybe 100 pounds soaking wet at this point in her life. She has just been decked, and her lower lip is split open pretty badly, almost 1cm into where it becomes skin. Soon after, she's sitting, trying to hold it together/apply pressure. I know facial wounds bleed like mad- Is this going to stop bleeding on its own at all? Is the blood loss going to be a problem, and how quickly?

Now we have a stabbing, glass bottle into the side of a person's thigh. Would leather pants protect this person? what about cloth? (probably thinner than denim but stronger than khakis, he *is* wearing these for protection, but he's taken the metal outer armour off.)

For the first one, have attempted to google split lip (apparently it's a band), bleeding, blood loss, facial wound, read the wiki article on "bleeding"... I used and got that her allowable blood loss is ~550 ml, but i don't know what happens at that point. I guess i need to know how much blood she's going to lose from that, how quickly, and what sort of shape she'd be in.

For the second one, I've googled glass strength, glass cut, leather protection, safety leather, leather pants... I have nothing, I'd be plenty fine with a suggestion of search terms.

Victorian social mores

Google and Wikipedia searches: Victorian era, Victorian era university (+/- women), London public libraries, public libraries, Victorian era public libraries women, Victorian era "women in public", Victorian era social mores, Victorian era church libraries, and anything that might be relevant at

Setting: late 1880s/early 1890s London, England

It's a pretty specific set of questions, unfortunately: how would a woman, middle to upper-middle class, be viewed if she went to a public library? Alone or with a male relative?

As for university, I know at this point women were going to and graduating from universities (not many, but they existed), but there's precious little about how they were expected to behave there or how they were treated (I can hazard a guess, but any specifics would be nice), or how they were viewed by the public at large.

Given that the female character is trying to find information about demons, might she be better off going to a friend of the family that is interested in spiritualism, or possibly the church? (She's trying to avoid that particular route.)

Getting a lip piercing ripped out

Time: Nowish, I suppose.

Setting: Joe's psyche, possibly.

So, one of my boys is getting his lip piercing ripped out. I don't know quite what sort of he has (it could be a labret or an actual lip piercing) and it doesn't really matter, I just need there enough blood for it to trickle down his chin and drip onto the ground. It's not to either side and it's on his bottom lip.

The other character grabs onto the ring/stud/whatever and yanks, pulling it straight out. I need to know how this feels, about, and how ripped up he would be.

I've searched for "piercings lip ripped" "getting a lip piercing ripped out" and various permutations but I mostly got people scared of having theirs ripped out or telling people not to get one because it will get ripped out. I also poked around BMEZine a bit but couldn't really find anything.

(Edits are in booold.)

British universities first and second choice

I have a pair of British scientists. One is a biologist with a speciality in genetics/genetic mapping (I'm not sure of the British term, so I'm guessing and it isn't that plot important), the other is a biochemist.

They're talking to a couple others and they need to say something to the effect of: "Well, I wanted to get into [X university] but didn't quite make it, so I ended up at [Y university]."

What I'd like them to be pretty top ranking in those pair of fields. Something that might impress those that were going into those fields.

Is East Anglia a good choice, or is there someone I'm missing? (I've seen listings for York being the best, or maybe Nottingham.)

I'd like the choices to be fairly impressive.

Both characters have to go to the same university.

I've Googled: "best biology program in Britain" "biology programme + British universities" and several other combinations, and while it's giving me some nice hits and ideas, I'd really like an 'insider's view' into it.
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Resource: 1700-1800's

I found an interesting book today, called What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew, by Daniel Pool. I haven't read it yet, but it looks like an overview of "common knowledge" for the time (one of the chapters gives instructions on how to play Whist). It might come in handy for those nitpicky details about everyday life during that era.