October 31st, 2007

Songs That Survive the Apocalypse

So I'm writing this romance novel where the heroine comes from a post-apocalyptic world. I want her to know some late-twentieth century songs because they've been passed down as folksongs or lullabies or whatever: things your parents would sing, and would teach you.

I'm guessing these would be songs that were easy to sing: not many complicated melodies, a fairly repetitive chorus, and no need for much in the way of backup. So far, I've thought of "American Pie," "Stand by Me," "Piano Man," and "Take It Easy."

Any other suggestions?

ETA: You guys? Rock. I will be making a list and using it. Thanks much!
willow eek

5th grade in Texas, 1973

Setting: semi-rural Texas, 1973
Already tried: various combinations of 5th grade reading book, 5th grade reading list, texas education 1970s reading textbooks, texas 1973 textbook adoption and similar

This may be a long shot since my 5th-grade experience was in the early 90s and I barely remember it, but hopefully someone's got better recall than me.

What kind of reading/English book would my early-70s Texas 5th graders have? Er, and I guess I need to know what they would've called it, too. Reader? Reading book? English book?

From what I turned up on searches there seems to be a move away nowadays from excerpts and short stories in a textbook, but that's what I remember having in elementary school. I found a couple of reading textbooks but there's no clue as to the actual content.

What I really need is a specific book or story that might have been read for an assignment. If you remember anything from your own experience (and really, it doesn't matter what state you were in) or have better searching skills than me, your help is very much appreciated.

Small cages

Time & place: Don't really matter, although pre-20th century is most useful

Searched: various combinations of cage/prisoner/torture/sit down, found mentions of such things but nothing of any use.

I'm after the effects on a prisoner of being kept in a cage too narrow to sit down in. (I was thinking it was tall enough to stand up in, but can't find any examples of such.)

Mostly, I want to work out how he'd be acting after a couple of days, or even if a couple of days is too long, because he has to be coherent/rational enough to stand trial.