October 29th, 2007

Evil Manifest
  • kdorian

A little maiming, please

I need a hand injury severe enough to force a four-year-old right-handed child to learn to be left-handed, but (preferably) not so severe that the hand is completely unusable or obviously maimed five or six years later (if possible). An injury that takes long enough to heal that the kid would have learned to write and use the left hand by the time the right is usable would be fine.

Injury sources available are being in the vicinity of a grease fire, and being struck by a car/truck and thrown by the impact resulting in other significant injuries.

Setting is 1990s Britain, so modern health care is available.

ETA: Wow, it doesn't seem to take much to cause a preferred-hand switch at that age! Thanks, everyone!
Oh shit
  • pho999

The large intestine

I need to know what to call certain little parts of a healthy human large intestine. I've looked at pictures like this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Gray1076.png and I can't find the names to the little odd bumps on the side, and for the ridge running down the middle of the intestine. Do these parts even have names? Are they benign? I've Googled "large+intestine+lumps" etc and all I've gotten are articles on cancer or diverticulitis.

cell phone brand

I need to know if there is a cell phone brand or style named after a cat. (Like how Jaguar is a kind of car, or Tiger is one of the Mac OS series...)

I have Googled "cell phone brand" "cell phone names" "cell phone brand cat" "cell phone name cat" and have checked the Mobile Phone entry on Wikipedia, all to no avail. I'm hoping there is some sort of cell phone connoseiur out there that can tell me what I want to know.