October 26th, 2007

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Haarlem, Netherlands

I'm trying to research life in Haarlem (Netherlands) in about 1600, two things in particular:

1. what would the prevailing building material be - brick, stone, what colour? From the little I've seen, it looks like brick and sandstone but with some grey stone too. Googling hasn't helped...

2. what sort of street food would have been around? In season, I guess herring, same as now, but in winter people would want something hot. What would the stallholders have sold?
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The Please Give My Character A Fatal Disease Post!

Hi - meet Gus, an aging rockstar in his mid-forties. During the band's heyday (they were a hair metal band in the late 80s) he spent a lot of time boozing and doing a wide variety of mind-altering substances along with the rest of his band.

Now that the band is doing a reunion tour, this is his last big hurrah because he has A Fatal Disease.

This disease must:

1) allow him to still tour , though with some difficulty is alright. Particularly in the beginning he should appear healthy and be capable of performance.

2) have symptoms that become increasingly severe as the tour goes on

3) be fatal; ie: something he is dying of.

I could have gone with the ol' standby of cancer of some sort (lungs), and I've considered cirrhosis , but I think he got over his hard drinking days.

Please help - this is my last major thing I want to iron out before starting. Inflict my character! Thank you. =)