October 25th, 2007

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Tattoo Flash

I'm writing a character who does free lance illustration work, could this also cross over into designing the odd bit of tattoo flash (the stuff on walls in tattoo parlours)?
I know they buy the cards from elsewhere but I was wondering if it's likely that they'd buy them from a person rather than a company.

It's set present day England in a large city (I'm thinking Manchester or London, I'm not sure) but I don't think that matters.

Googling anything with tattoo flash in the query just gets me galleries of flash to look through.

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Late feudal European titles of rank

Looking for alternative titles and terms of address for a wealthy land holding freeman who is not born nobility and has not been granted one of the usual traditional titles handed out by the royal court or the church. An up and coming self made man type. Am I stuck with plain old Master John Doe or Lord John Doe? I know what the locals call him behind his back.
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Med students/doctors/patients?

I'm currently writing an hour long tv pilot for school that revolves around sleep disorders, primarily narcolepsy and chronic insomnia. I have done a fair amount of research so far, but as part of the coursework I'm required to find someone knowledgable in the field we're writing about to ask a few questions. I do have some specific questions I would like the ask that general research doesn't quite cover, and I was wondering if anyone here was a medical student/doctor that has experience with sleep disorders would be able to answer them for me.

Also, if there is also anyone here that suffers from either chronic insomnia or narcolepsy and is comfortable with discussing some of the everyday difficulties they have with the disorder, that would also be very helpful for me. This show is meant to be an accurate and sensitive portrayal of both of these disorders, unlike the way narcolepsy has occasionally been used in more slapstick comedy gags.

Comment here if you are interested in speaking with me.

Thank you,

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Telling Scary Stories While Bartending in the Dark

I don't think Google would help very much with this, as it relates more to people's experiences of storytelling, and of the scary or macabre, than anything else.

When telling or listening to ghost stories and other weird and creepy tales, how familiar can a story be before all sense of the uncanny and fearful is drained out of it? Must scary stories be new stories, because once you know how it ends, it loses all power to frighten? Or can the right atmosphere and a good storyteller put a shiver back into a story even when you've heard it several times before? What about traditional stories, known to many people? Are they ever worth retelling when the goal is to make the hearer's flesh creep? When a story is being told aloud, what does it need to scare, or at least unsettle, you as a listener? Or, if you're telling the story--especially if you're a professional storyteller, or do it as a hobby--what gives the scary stories you tell their scary quality?

(I had in mind a group of people staying up all night to play a sort of parlor game, in a room lit only by candles--a lot of candles. At the end of each story, one candle is blown out, so that the room gets darker and darker. For what it's worth, the setting is a remote, semi-rural part of Japan, in the middle 1980s, in a well-off and rather traditional household.)

Juilliard Music students - day/week in the life?

I'm trying to find details about the experience of attending Juilliard in the music division (violin major). I've read the Juilliard website just about as thoroughly as I can possibly imagine, tried googling things in all manners of combining 'Juilliard' with experience, day in the life, etc... but that's just the kind of thing it's hard to find. And the website is not very helpful in terms of finding out, for instance, what a course load would look like, how often students would perform, both alone and in ensembles and orchestras, any details that would make this experience look more realistic, etc.

This is not for something I'm looking to get published, so I don't intend to contact Juilliard, and I'm not in or anywhere near New York, so I can't visit. Any and all info would be incredibly appreciated.
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Male sterility caused by recreational drug use/Brainwashing cults

Two questions: first, what kind (if any) of recreational drugs can cause sterility in men, and how frequently and over what period of time would a person have to use said drug in order to be rendered sterile? I Googled various combinations of male sterility/infertility and  recreational drugs/drug use.

And one that I can't figure out how to research: I have a character whose mother left him when he was very young and who was physically and emotionally abused by his father until he was 16, and later ends up in a brainwashing cult for several years. He's eventually deprogrammed by court order. What kind of effects would all this have on his psyche? I imagine possibly PTSD, but Google is being supremely unhelpful on this one. Any experts on cult behavior out there?